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    William Campbell Douglass is an Idiot -Roger Mason

    Daily Dose is the newsletter written by Dr. William Campbell Douglass II. (Why does a man need three names?) He is sickly and looks terrible. What a role model. It was formerly called Second Opinion, Douglass Report, and before that Real Health. He suddenly escaped to Panama, probably to avoid prosecution by the authorities.This may well be the most moronic natural health publication in the business. The things he says are so idiotic, so asinine, you think it’s all a joke. Let's look at some of his rantings: "Say no to vegetarians", because they are “sicklier, more irregular, weaker, have poor sex lives, are prone to many illnesses, and die earlier.” He goes on to say if you eat too many of those awful vegetables, "they could sap your sex life and strength", and you could have "slumping sex function and muscle loss and bone damage". Of course the facts prove exactly the opposite is true. Vegetarians get far less diseases of all kinds and live longer. He also tells you fiber in your diet is not only useless (meat and animal products have no fiber), but some fibers "can trigger precancerous growths". Coffee is, "one of nature's healthiest miracles". Wouldn't that be nice if it were true? My God, we could all stay hyped up on coffee all day every day. “That morning cup of coffee you crave is one of nature's REAL HEALTH miracles.” He goes on , "Just one cup of coffee packs the antioxidant power of three oranges". Those are quotes folks. He claims you'll suffer from fewer gallstones and reduce your risk of colon and bladder cancer. Read the articles on coffee in our library to see the facts. You should smoke cigars, too. Cigars have many health advantages, such as staying slim, mental alertness, avoiding addictions(!), and lessening mental and brain disease. He loves cigarettes as well! He says, “Smoking can fight off a whole slew of health problems,.” and, “Smoking can save your life.” Can you believe that?

    Yes he really says all these things. He goes on to say that high fat diets don't cause breast cancer. However, countless studies prove high fat diets are THE main cause of this epidemic."Women who consumed the least fat got breast cancer more often" That's another quote. The truth is women in Asia who eat the least fat have the least breast cancer. Women in Europe and America who eat the most fat have the most breast cancer. "Don't even dream of giving up the rich, meaty foods that you can't help loving. In fact, I encourage you to dine on generous portions of steak, eggs, prime rib, chicken wings (with the skin!).., enjoy omelettes with bacon for breakfast... even snack on pork rinds." He claims the pestiicide DDT, "may even prevent breast cancer". I didn't make that up really. Maybe we should all buy DDT capsules and take them every day with our vitamins and minerals. He loves high fat diets with lots of beef, pork, lamb, milk, cheese, butter, bacon, eggs, chicken, and turkey. He claims low fat diets will kill you, and, “I’d panic if my cholesterol level dropped below 200." “Cholesterol screening is not worthwhile." He also says, "Keep cholesterol levels above 200". "Cholesterol doesn't do diddly." A "low fat diet can be harmful to many people". He goes on to say "LOW CHOLESTEROL can be much deadlier than high cholesterol" (emphasis his). He explains that, "low cholesterol can trigger the deadliest kind of stroke", and "even moderately low cholesterol levels can raise your risk of these strokes". He wants you to keep your cholesterol over 250 like his. More quotes. Americans have total cholesterol levels of about 240, and have the highest heart and artery disease rates in the world. Rural Asians have total cholesterol levels of about 150, and have the lowest rates in the world. The truth is total cholesterol (and triglyceride) levels are THE most important factor in heart and artery health. He goes on to say you have, "too little red meat in your diet". To him The Secret of Health is eating grass fed beef and raw milk. Americans hog down more red meat more than any one on the face of the earth, and have highest rates of most all cancers, diabetes, heart and artery disease, and every other known medical condition. We eat 42% fat calories, but that isn't enough for him! He says you can "shake off 14 pounds" in two weeks by eating lots of steak, eggs and butter. Sure, you can! The secret to weight loss is eating more saturated artery clogging fat.

    Eggs are one of the top ten allergenic foods. There is 250 mg of cholesterol in an average egg yolk. Eggs can never be part of a healthy diet. Yet William says, "Egg lovers live longer. Not only are eggs not guilty of causing heart disease, they've been proven to prevent it." If he was on drugs, at least he’d have an excuse. He thinks eggs are a great source of vitamin D. No food on earth has any meaningful amount of vitamin D it comes from exposure to the sun. William says, "egg eaters have a much lower rate of heart attacks and strokes than egg avoiders". Linda Mc Cartney said the same thing before dropping dead of breast cancer. Read the article Eggs are Bad Food in our library to see how bad they really are.

    Soy isoflavones have hundreds of published, clinical, human studies proving their benefits. He says "Don't swallow the soy ploy". He explains, "what soy will do is pump you full of estrogen mimicking compounds, which can depress your thyroid and make you put on weight. It also contains an acid that blocks your absorption of calcium can you say osteoporosis?" Don’t eat soy because it “interferes with iodine.” “Say no to soy” is one of his favorite phrases. If you look at the billions of Asians, who have used soy as a staple for centuries, they are much thinner, have less thyroid problems, and have far less osteoporosis than those of us in the West. In fact, the Okinawans eat more soy than anyone (12% of their diet), and are the healthiest and longest lived people on the planet. He must not know about them. 

    He is clueless about food supplements (read my book The Supplements You Need). Instead, he suggests drinking hydrogen peroxide.Yes, he really says this.Yes, the same hydrogen peroxide you buy in the drug store to bleach your hair, only much more concentrated and stronger! He wrote a report Hydrogen Peroxide Medical Miracle. No I didn't make that up to make him sound stupid he's light years ahead of me in stupidity. He says, “The very best source of heart healthy CoQ10 is red meat.” Folks, there is no CoQ10 in our food.

    You don't need to exercise anymore either. Exercise is just, "a bunch of joint destroying, heart stressing lunacy". We all know exercise is vital to our health.. He claims 100,000 people a month read this this pitiful rag. That’s very doubtful. Native, gullible, innocent people looking for a better way, are making him rich. Pitiful. “Exercise is a waste of time”. “Exercise is ‘dangerous’ and increases heart attack risk.” “Physical education classes for kids are bad.” “You won’t lose weight by exercising.”

    He sells crappy, overpriced supplements of course. His Daily Ultimate Support has a mere 10 minerals for $60 per two month supply. (our All Your Minerals and Vitamins® is only $11.95 for a two month supply with 20 minerals.) He also sells worthless overpriced sexual rejuvenation supplements. He sells UltraTurboHG for impotence and sexual rejuvenation. He says this is “The Secret to all night rock around the clock sex.” How about,”Pork your way to better sex” by eating more pork chops. This crazy old fart hasn’t had sex since Eisenhower was president.

    Just tell people what they want to hear, and they'll smilingly follow you through the gates of Hell. This is how people like William Campbell Douglass II operate. Just tell people what they want to hear. P.T. Barnum would be proud of old William.

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