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Resveratrol Is Rubbish -Roger Mason

Resveratrol (3,5,4 trans-hydroxy stilbene) was discovered about 70 years ago. It's hardly new. You see everyone selling resveratrol, so it must be good stuff, right? If so many people are buy-ing it, then it must work, right? Wrong! It doesn't work, never did work, and never will work. Please read the other articles (e.g. Resveratrol Doesn't Make It). Some websites call this a “Mir-acle Supplement”. They claim, “Resveratrol Cuts Risk of Prostate Cancer Up to 60%,” and, “Resveratrol Helps Prevent Blood Clots and Stroke,” and “Resveratrol Attacks Cancer Cells,” and, “Dramatically Increases Life Span,” and “Resveratrol Reduces Risk of Coronary Disease,” and “One Way to Stop the Flu.. It would be great if any of this was true, but it isn't. Moron Dr. David Williams promotes this junk in his stupid newsletter. Another moron Dr. Oz, on the Oprah TV show, does the same thing. Many other natural health newsletters and websites also promote resveratrol as a Magic Supplement. Even if it did have any value- which it doesn't- it is exogen-ous and would only have minor and very temporary effects. It isn't found in the body or in com-mon food, only grapes and peanuts basically. It is not in your food or in your body. Grape skins were fed to pigs before the crooks figured out how to sell it.

In the most quoted study of all, from Italy, clinicians gave resveratrol to mice after infecting them with a deadly flu virus. If you actually go the the Journal of Infectious Diseases, v 191, 2005 you see the real facts. The poor mice were INJECTED with huge overdoses of resveratrol. We don't know what terrible side effects they got from this chemical assault. This would mean a 170 pound man would have to inject 170 mg of pharmaceutical resveratrol (3,4,5 trihydroxy stilbene) to get the same effects. If this is 10% biologically available when taken orally it would mean you would have to eat 1,700 mg. Some companies sell 60 X 25 mg resveratrol for $39.95, so you would have to eat 68 tablets a day. This would cost you about $15,000 a year. We're assuming you would actually get that 10% bioavailability value taking it by mouth rather than injecting it.

Resveratrol is only 50 cents a gram wholesale ($500 a kg). A bottle of 60 X 25 mg only contains 1.5 grams, or SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS worth, of actual resveratrol. yet sells for forty bucks??? Forty dollars for 75 cents worth! Life Extinction will sell you 60 cents worth of it for only $32. Their claim is, “Findings from published scientific literature indicates that resveratrol may be the most effective plant extract for maintaining optimal health.” There is no science to indicate that at all. None, nada, zero, nothing. Grape SEED extract does, in fact, have some temporary proven value. Folks, there are only useless cell cultures, and a few equally useless mouse studies on this scam. Resveratrol has been around for seven decades and there is still no science behind it. If this had any real value at all we would have had published human studies years ago, instead of these ridiculous cell cultures and overdosed, injected mice. The wine manufacturers were using pressed grape skins for pig feed and fertilizer. Then they figured out they could sell it as a Magic Supplement at high prices to innocent, naïve people. Pig feed at $40 a bottle! Every year more and more outrageous claims are made for it. And more fake “studies” and “reviews”.

Resveratrol is exogenous (doesn't exist in our bodies or common food) anyway, so it would only be effective for about six months if it did work- and it doesn't. Resveratrol basically only exists in peanuts, mulberries and grape skins. You don't even get any by drinking grape juice. We don't and won't sell resveratrol, policosanol, chondroitin, 5-HTP, lycopene, oral SOD, GH secreta-gogues, chrysin, maca root, red rice yeast, MSM, modified citrus pectin, nattokinase, hoodia, and the rest of that junk. If we sell it at Young Again you know it works! We're the only natural health website in the world to tell you the truth and the scientific facts. We're also a not-for-profit website. This isn't really a business; it's a calling.

If you go to any search engine and type in “resveratrol” you'll see literally hundreds of compa-nies making outrageous, unfounded claims about it. We're here to make you healthy, not take your money. Resveratrol is a useless scam.

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