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Life Extension Catalog  -Roger Mason

The Life Extension catalog (it's not really a magazine) is great for a good laugh. If you doubt that it is merely a catalog with a price tag,  please look at the back 12 pages of products and then tell yourself it's really  a magazine. Also look at the countless full page color ads for their many pro-ducts, but no ads for any other companies. You have to pay $75 every year for the “privilege” of buying their overpriced foolishness.

They offer an endless list of worthless supplements like AHCC, astaxanthin, aspirin(!), bilberry, bioactive milk peptides, blueberry extract, calcium D glucarate, cherry juice, chorella, CLA, green coffee extract, cinnamon, ubiquinol, cranberry, 7-keto DHEA, DMAE, fucoxanthin, GH precursors, garcinia, iodoral, invingia, lactoferrin, MSM, nattokinase, olive leaf, modified citrus pectin, PQQ, pomegranate, orchid extract, policosanol,  pumpkin seed, red rice yeast, resveratrol, rhodiola, R-only lipoic acid, saffron, serrapeptase, shark liver oil, oral SOD, saw palmetto, and other such items.  Their much promoted Two-Per-Day vitamin-mineral supplement only has SEVEN minerals in realistic amounts! How about 12 mg of calcium!!!  Or 25 mg of lipoic acid!!! 300 mcg of methylcobalamin. Ours has 1,000 mcg. This costs $22.00 for a two month supply. All Your Vitamins and Minerals is $11.95 and has TWENTY minerals in the amounts you need.

Their prices are unreal. $44 for 60 X 500 mg carnosine. Ours is $19.95. CoQ10 60 X 100 mg $66. Ours is $19.95. Their CoQ10 for $62, or ours for $19.95? You can buy their R-only lipoic acid 300 mg for $49, or our 400 mg R,S lipoic acid for only $9.95. How about ubiquinol (which is NOT CoQ10) for $108.00? Their 100 mg grape seed for $36 or ours for $4.95? Their "modified" citrus pectin for  $46.63 (180 capsules) or our classic pectin for $9.95? Their acidophilus for $22.95 or ours for $9.95? Ours is refrigerated. Their TMG for $33 or ours for $14.95? Their NAC for $14 or ours for $6.95.

They are pushing lycopene for women's heart health, men's prostate health, and God knows what else. Lycopene is useless, and has no value at all. All the so-called "studies" are just paid advertisements in medical journals. The "special" Life Extension  price of $24 for 60 X 5 mg capsules is outrageous. This costs them about $2 to manufacture, and they want $24? They also sell saw palmetto and Pygeum, which are even more useless- at high prices of course.

They sell alpha lipoic acid, which is a fine supplement. Their price for  250 mg X 60 capsules is $37 yet this also costs about $2 to manufacture. They want $37 for a $2  bottle!  They make their own products so there is no middleman here. They sell a $2 product for $37 and you have to pay $75 every year to get ripped off like this?

Policosanol  has no real studies at all to back it up and is useless. This costs $47 for a bottle of 60 X 10 mg. The "studies"  all originate in Cuba, that bastion of scientific freedom. It costs them about $3 to make,  and they sell it for $47? Please read the articles on policosanol in our library. Why not take real beta-sitosterol- which has three decades of proven effectiveness- to lower cholesterol. They sell Super Junk Forte to raise your testosterone for $48 a month. This contains chrysin, muira puama, nettles, ginger root, zinc, and good old maca root. This costs them about

$3 to make. Folks, this wouldn't raise your testosterone if you ate a whole bottle a day. You need real prescription testosterone to raise your levels, not promotional junk like this. Again, you must pay money to join their "special" club to get these bargain prices.  They sell maca root for $48 for a 30 day supply. This also costs about $3 to make.  Maca root is a is a fibrous, inedible turnip South American farmers feed to their livestock. It has no medicinal value at all. They tell you caffeine is safe and "good for you". Anyone with a brain knows caffeine is a poison. They are pushing caffeine for weight loss. They call guarana a "health tonic" when it is simply less toxic and less addictive than coffee.  I'm not making this up folks-they actually said that caffeine should be used to treat cancer!!! You think I made this up, right? Well, they said caffeine is good for treating cancer, and. "provides cancer preventive protection". That is a quote dear readers. They actually said caffeine will protect you from cancer when our caffeine consumption is one of the causes of cancer. Words fail me here. Read the article Caffeine is Poison.

We can prevent disease with a low fat, high fiber, natural food diet, taking proven supplements, exericse, fasting, ending bad habits, avoiding prescription drugs, and balancing our hormones. The Life Extension folks often promote toxic prescription drugs like Dilantin, Arimidex and, Metformin.

This column has told you repeatedly that ALL non-prescription growth hormone supplements are garbage. Well, LEF sells a whole assortment of them. If you want to raise your growth hormone level you have to shell out about $1,800 a year and inject 1 IU of  real pharmaceutical rhGH- which you can only get by prescription. No over the counter GH products work. Period. Read the article GH Frauds.

This could be a real magazine and still offer their own products products. They could tell the truth like we do. They could sell real, proven, valuable, effective supplements instead of overpriced garbage.  They could lower their prices radically and still make a good profit. They could offer powerful supplements like beta glucan, DIM, beta sitosterol, and other such products that would really help people.

This is one of the most influential and widely sold "natural health" publications available. They rake in over $100 million a year. It's enough to bring tears to your eyes.






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