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Low Testosterone Causes Prostate Cancer -Roger Mason

The two most important medical journals in the world that deal with prostate research are the Journal of Urology and Prostate. This column has reported on many dozens of clinical studies around the world that prove testosterone is GOOD for prostate health. There are over one hundred and twenty published clinical studies in our files proving this. High, youthful testosterone levels help prevent and cure prostate cancer. Now the prestigious Journal of Urology (April 2003) agrees that 99.9% of the medical doctors in the world are wrong about testosterone. The "Testosterone-Is-Bad” for you theory is as stupid as the "Earth is Flat" theory. Please read my books Testosterone Is Your Friend and The Natural Prostate Cure. 
Doctors at the famous Institute of Cancer Research, at the University of Vienna in Austria, studied real prostate cancer patients with an average age of 66. They divided them into two groups-low testosterone and high testosterone levels. 
The ones with LOW testosterone had larger prostate glands, higher Gleason scores (a measure of cancer severity), higher microvessel density (which makes cancer worse) in their tumors, and will die sooner. The ones with HIGH, youthful testosterone had smaller prostates, lower Gleason scores, lower microvessel density, and will live longer.  
The doctors concluded, "Low serum testosterone in men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer is associated with higher Gleason score, higher microvessel density, and higher androgen receptor density. The reasons for low serum testosterone are unknown, but they are independent of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). These findings suggest that low serum testosterone is an additional risk factor for poor prognosis in prostate cancer”. The lower the testosterone, the worse the prognosis; the higher the testosterone, the better the prognosis.  
They again said, "Low serum testosterone in men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer is associated with higher tumor microvessel and androgen receptor density, as well as with higher Gleason score, suggesting enhanced malignant potential." Please notice the phase, "enhanced malignant potential". The cancer will grow much faster with low testosterone. Men, testosterone is your friend, it has always been your friend, and will always be your friend. Don't get an expensive serum testosterone test from your doctor from your doctor. He doesn't have a clue as to what he's doing, and will charge you some extortionate fee. Just use a $75 saliva test kit to test your free levels of testosterone (and your DHEA). You can also go to online labs, without a doctor, such as Most all men over the age of 50 have  low testosterone levels, and should raise them for a variety of reasons. This includes lower body fat, more lean muscle mass, better mood, more strength, more virility, better sexual performance, less heart disease, and longer life. Please see our free library for more articles on testosterone.  
It is a good idea to monitor both your estradiol and estrone after 6 months to make sure you aren't raising your levels from “spillover”. You can get a prescription for a 3% testosterone cream and use a half gram a day. This isn’t necessary and both the doctor and pharmacist extort you. Never use injections. The cream would apply 15 mg on your skin, and about 3 mg into your blood (20% absorption). This wastes 80% of the testosterone though. You can legally buy testosterone enanthate and other salts from online pharmacies for $3 a month. Use 4 mg (3 mg actual testosterone) every morning sublingually in vegetable oil or transdermally in DMSO. Please see the articles New Ways to Use Testosterone. You Don't Need an Rx, and Androgen Resistance.

Yes, 99.9% of the medical doctors in the world have it completely bass ackwards about testosterone, but now the Journal of Urology agrees that they do. There are over one hundred and twenty other published studies in our files that prove the same thing. Youthful testosterone levels help prevent and cure prostate cancer.


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