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    HSI-Horse Sh*t Institute -Roger Mason

    HSI claims eighty-five thousand very naive people pay big bucks to get the HSI- Health Sciences Institute Newsletter every month. That’s a big lie.  Please read Cancer Has Been Cured! in our library. You can visit their website for free at to see various ads for their books and products. You won’t learn a thing though. This is just a front for Northstar Nutritioinals. They sell overpriced junk to morons. You’ll just see “teasers” for Magic Supplements. Their main pitch is the book “100 Greatest Underground Cures”. Folks, it’s just hard to believe that people pay good money to listen to horsesh*t like this. You’ll hear that “soy is poison” and “lemons help cure cancer” from these idiots. You have to pay for the privilege of joining HSI to learn anything. HSI has a panel of “dis-tinguished experts” who pontificate on various subjects they know very little about. The Head Moron is Jenny Thompson.Let’s look at some of them.  
    Linda Page will sell you her book for women Look and Feel Your Best for only $19.95. The description of what is in here is impossibly vague, so you have no idea of what she recommends (if at all) in the way of diet, supplements, hor-mones, exercise, or whatever. Linda will tell you about, “…an herb that can lead to a dramatic increase in multiple orgasms” in women. Isn’t that great? Women can now just take this Magic Herb and have multiple orgasms. Gosh, that should be on the cover of the New York Times, The Washington Post, Wall St. Journal, Newsweek, People, and every other publication. Are some women really that stupid to believe this? (Yes, they are.) 
    If you’re plagued with arthritis, you’ll be glad to know this is easily cured. Ann Louise Gittleman (read Flush Ann Louise Down the Toilet in the free library) says this is due to “parasites”. How come in the last 30 years of published international research that none of the clinicians of the world have discovered this simple fact? Of course, they recommend useless chondroitin (read the article Chondroitin is Useless in our free library) to prove they have no idea what they’re doing. Chon-droitin is not absorbed by the intestines, and any “studies” on its effectiveness are simply paid ads in journals. (Please also read Treating Bone & Joint Prob-lems Naturally.) 
    Are you overweight? Would you like to lose weight by eating secret “super-foods”? Well, for only $19.95 you can learn about these Magic Superfoods that burn the fat right off your body. They rightfully point out that all people have hidden food allergies. Then they tell you about a new white blood cell procedure that accurately tests for 100 different foods. This is more horsesh*t. That test isn’t worth two cents. Your author personally spent hundreds of dollars on the test they’re referring to, and it was too ludicrous for words. I demanded and got a refund.  
    Prostate problems? Just ask Larry Clapp, the author of Prostate Health in 90 Days. Well, you can’t ask Larry, because he died in 2007 of prostate cancer from following his own asinine advice. Larry said your mercury tooth fillings are causing your prostate problems. Never mind that men with prostate disease have no higher blood levels of mercury than healthy men. Larry also said wearing the wrong belt buckles will upset your chakras and cause prostate disease. No, I’m not drunk or on dangerous drugs. No, I didn’t make that up. He also tells you hogging down over 40% animal fat isn’t the culprit either. In fact, Larry told men with prostate cancer to eat red meat. He says the herb Epilobium is good for your prostate. How come the last 40 years of published clinical research doesn’t show any value for this Magic Herb? They sell Ultimate Prostate Support with useless saw palmetto, Pygeum, nettles, and lycopene for only $39.95. There’s a deal! Larry died of cancer from following his own bad advice. No longer a “disting-uished expert”.

    How about moron Allen Spreen? He says rocket fuel cures cancer. He said it, not me. Hydrazine is a highly toxic chemical used in military rockets. He says that will cure cancer. Need I say more? 
    Got skin problems? Want to cure your acne, burns, warts, psoriasis, eczema, herpes I or II, scars or nail fungus? Well, Linda Page is at it again for only $19.95. Rightfully, she points out that food allergies are partially to blame. She wants you to take the same useless allergy test, but this time says they will test you for 150 different foods. Never mind that this procedure doesn’t work at all. This test has been available for many years and rejected repeatedly. It doesn’t work.

    They sell some other really swell products. How about Flexanol for your arthritis with useless MSM and chondroitin? Want to magically lose weight? Just send them $29.95 for Weight Wellness that contains Rhodiola and Rhododendron extracts, and the pounds will just melt off while you sleep. Low libido? Just send them $29.95 for useless maca root (see the library article). Men, can’t get it up anymore? “Bring back your glory days” for only $39.95 with useless Tribulus herb. Tribulus wouldn’t raise your testosterone if you drank a gallon a day.

    If you order their Bible of Forbidden Cures you will just hear about endless junk like AHCC, green lipped mussels, shark cartilage, DMAE, astaxanthin (read Astaxnthin is Garbage), graviola, passion flower and other worthless supple-ments that have been around since Lincoln was president. 
    Anybody who pays money to read this kind of stuff deserves everything they get. Isn’t it incomprehensible how many gullible, stupid people there are? This is a very successful outfit and has been around a long time. The Royal Road to Riches is simply telling people what they want to hear.

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