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Dr. Bruce West-Another Wannabe -Roger Mason

Many of you may have gotten some junk mail for the Health Alert newsletter by Dr. Bruce West. He forgets to tell you he is merely a chiropractor, and cannot even write prescriptions. For years he sold Standard Process® junk. He is a member of the spurious National Association of Research Biochemists (NARB)- even though he has no degree in biochemistry. Go to the website to learn about the NARB. He claims he has “Hollywood stars” as his clients. Really? Which ones? He doesn’t name any. The ad claims “Dr. West is the originator of the holistic newsletter industry back in 1984, with more than 50 others now trying to copy his suc-cess with healing.” That one is too funny for words! Another wannabe who wants to be a natural health expert. He just doesn’t know anything about natural health. He is another clown who pro-motes Magic Supplements, so you don’t have to change your diet or life-style. Just take your Magic Supplement to cure your heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other problems.

He tells you not to lower your cholesterol because, “it just doesn’t matter”. Cholesterol doesn’t matter? According to Bruce, high cholesterol doesn’t have any predictive value for heart attacks! He’s so stupid he tells you low cholesterol levels are dangerous! What a moron! He claims there is “another study from The Lancet proves a link between low cholesterol and increased death.” The fact is that the largest and longest human studies on heart and artery disease factors have repeatedly shown total cholesterol and triglycerides to be the best predictor of CHD doesn’t seem to faze him. In fact, he’s so stupid he says (these are quotes folks), “Warning: Lowered Cholesterol Increases Risk of Death!”. He goes on to say, “For Americans over age 71, the lower your cholesterol levels, the greater your risk of death.” He actually said that….”the lower your cholesterol”! He also claimed, “Cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease.” I can’t make these things up folks.


He sells a series of reports. He claims you can normalize your blood pressure in just one week. That is patently ridiculous of course. He says the Magic Cure for BPH is to cook your prostate with a laser beam! Didn’t he say he was all for “natural” health? Get rid of that arthritis pain in only 90 days. Good luck with that.

He also hates low-fat diets and says they cause disease. “Dr. West is the first to prove that a low-fat diet can make heart patients more sick.” Somehow he equates low-fat diets with chemicalized, highly refined, sugar filled junk foods. What does sugared junk food have to do with low-fat diets? Bruce goes on, “The ‘experts’ say that a low-fat diet is a healthy diet. Unfortunately, res-earch says that’s just not true.” Folks, the international, published, epidemiological studies for decades consistently show that the more fat you eat- especially saturated animal fasts- the more coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancers of various kinds, obesity, and every other disease you’ll suffer from. Americans eat more fat (42% fat calories and nearly all animal fats) than any-one else, and suffer from more health problems than any other country. The English, Germans, French, Australians, New Zealanders, Austrians, Swiss, Canadians, and other affluent indust-rialized countries, all eat more fat than anyone else (due to prosperity ironically), and suffer from more diseases than anyone else. The rural Asians- especially the Okinawans- eat a low-fat diet and are the healthiest people on earth overall.

He recommends  products from those nitwits at Standard Process. If you need a good laugh go look up their website This website is absolutely psychotic!! Go there and see for yourself. Truth is always stranger than fiction.

Flax oil is one of the most important supplements you can take regardless of your age. Flax is great stuff, but Bruce says you can cure schizophrenia in 90 days by taking flax oil and B-vitamins. Gosh, that sure is a heavy claim. Where are the clinicals on that one? Why not shut down all the mental hospitals? This guy defines the term “moron”.
He believes in curing cancer naturally with “protomorphogens” (PMGs). That sounds pretty convenient. Why change your diet, take all those supplements, balance your hormones, exercise, fast, and drop your bad habits, when you can just gulp down some PMGs? SciFinder does not recognize that term. A MEDLINE search also proved this is just a made-up promotional term without scientific basis. There are no protomorphogens! What are they really? Useless, pricey cow organ extracts from Standard Process. He goes on to say, “In fact, the fastest way to get cancer is to stop eating fat! If you have cancer, the fastest way to lose the battle is to go on a low-fat diet.” This man has brain damage obviously. High fat diets are one of the basic causes of all cancers and most diseases.

If you look at the cholesterol chart on page 10 of my book Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs you’ll see low cholesterol equals heart and artery health.  The massive MRFIT Study, for ex-ample, shows that the higher your cholesterol levels the more deaths from CHD.  These facts simply cannot be argued with. There are many, many studies available on the dangers of high cholesterol and high-fat diets in the published literature. He actually charges money for this stupidity- and there are people who actually pay for this insanity.

West is obviously an idiot, but a financially successful one. Just tell people what they want to hear, and the check is in the mail.

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