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Melatonin is Miraculous -Roger Mason

The pineal (pine-eel) gland is the aging regulator in our bodies, and produces the hormone melatonin. Our levels peak at around 18 years of age, and then keep falling for the rest of our lives. Surprisingly, we did not know much about this until very recently. In fact, until about 25 years ago it was not commonly sold. Since then thousands of published international studies have shown just how important melatonin really is. Every year even more studies are done.

Has your doctor ever suggested you take melatonin? Of course not. Doctors don’t have a clue about it, and could care less. It’s not a prescription drug they can profit from. This includes endocrinologists who specialize in hormones. America is the only civilized country in the world we can still buy five different over-the-counter hormones- melatonin, DHEA, pregnenolone, transdermal progesterone and estriol. In most all other countries you would have to see a doctor, get a prescription, and end up paying about $50 for a 60 tablet bottle. In America it is about $5 for a two month supply at any drugstore.

Melatonin peaks when we are teenagers, and falls as we age. We barely have any by the age of 60. The pineal gland produces this at night when we sleep. So, it is important to only take this after the sun goes down. Never take it during the day, as this is opposite to the body's cycle of production. It is very safe and very non-toxic, and there is no known fatal dose. Try 3 mg every night for men, and 1.5 mg (half tablets) for women over 40. People under 40 should just not take it.

The only practical way to test your melatonin level is to do it yourself. Otherwise you would have to go to an expensive sleep lab to get a blood draw in the middle of the night. Just use a saliva kit at 3:00 AM. offers a $100 saliva kit in 2020. This really isn’t necessary if you are over 40. It is just not a good idea to use it before then, unless you can prove you are low.  We are still learning just how important melatonin is to our total health, and how many benefits it has.  For example, almost no one knows that our prostate glands have melatonin receptors, and melatonin supplements are now proven vital in treating prostate cancer. The same is true with many other cancers, diabetes, heart and artery disease, and other major illnesses.

No matter what disease or illness you study, melatonin keeps coming up. These studies are right in the international scientific literature for anyone to see. Why doesn’t anyone else tell you these things?  You won't learn just how powerful melatonin is in the mainstream media. They will simply tell you it’s good for jet lag and better sleep. Damning it with faint praise, in other words. Melatonin is not a Magic Sleep Supplement, by the way. Sleep is a very complex phenomenon. Only a total program of diet and lifestyle will help you sleep well. Read the article Good Sleep in our library.

Mice simply given small doses of melatonin in their drinking water lived one third longer than controls! This is amazing, and is just one of countless examples of the power of this inexpensive hormone. Melatonin was only isolated about 50 years ago, and inexpensively synthesized 25 years ago. All this for $3.00 a month for men and $1.50 a month for women. Taking melatonin by itself misses the point. You need to balance all your basic hormones, as they all work together as a team in concert harmoniously together. Read the article Balance Your Hormones in our library. You can do this easily, simply, and inexpensively without a doctor. Also balance DHEA, testosterone, pregnenolone, T3, T4, and progesterone. Women can add estradiol, estrone, and estriol. Growth hormone is expensive ($1,800 a year plus doctor visits) and overrated. Hormone imbalance is one of the causes of every known disease. Even endocrinologists, gynecologists, holistic physicians, and life extension specialists are woefully ignorant about natural hormone balance. Read the article Be Your Own Doctor. Yes, you can and should easily do this by yourself.

Use a total program of diet and lifestyle, instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for after-the-fact health insurance. Read the article Don’t Get Health Insurance. You can take the 18 proven supplements, plus the hormones you need, for about $100 a month. Read the article Seven Steps to Natural Health…diet, supplements, hormone balance, exercise, weekly fasting, no bad habits, and no prescription drugs.  Melatonin really is miraculous, but it is only one part of natural hormone balance. If you are over 40 make this a part of your health program.




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