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Testosterone is Your Friend

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     A Book for Men and Women


Roger Mason



Testosterone Is Your Friend


A Book for Men and Women




Roger Mason





Testosterone Is Your Friend


Roger Mason

Copyright Σ 2004 by Roger Mason


All Rights Reserved


No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the publisher.


ISBN   1884820-74-3

Library of Congress Catalog Number 2001012345

Categories: 1. Health 2. Nutrition

Printed in the U.S.A.

1st Printing Fall 2004


            Testosterone Is Your Friend is not intended as medical advice. It is written solely for informational and educational purposes. Please consult a health professional should the need for one be indicated. Because there is always some risk involved, the author and publisher are not responsible for any adverse affects or consequences resulting from the use of any of the suggestions, preparations or methods described in the book. The publisher does not advocate the use of any particular diet or health program, but believes the information presented in this book should be available to the public.


All listed addresses, phone numbers and fees have been reviewed and updated during production. However, the data is subject to change.


Published by Safe Goods

561 Shunpike Rd.

Sheffield, MA 01257

(413) 229-7935




Chapter 1: What Is Testosterone?                  …………          9-10


Chapter 2: Androstenedione and Its Analogs      ……           11-16


Chapter 3: What Is Your Level?                     …………          17-20


Chapter 4: How Do I Use It?                         …………          21-24


Chapter 5: Various Delivery Systems             …………          25-32


Chapter 6: General Benefits                           …………          33-38


Chapter 7: Cardiovascular Health                 …………          39-44


Chapter 8: Various Diseases                          …………          45-48


Chapter 9: Osteoporosis and Bone Health     …………          49-52                                     


Chapter 10: Testosterone and Your Prostate …………          53-58


Chapter 11: Female Sexuality                        …………          59-64 


Chapter 12: Male Sexuality                            …………          65-68


Chapter 13: Women Need Testosterone, Too …………          69-76


Chapter 14: Psychology and Behavior           …………          77-82


Chapter 15: Obesity and BMI                         …………          83-88


Chapter 16: Exercise and Strength                …………          89-92


Chapter 17: Your Other Hormones                …………          93-100



                                       About This Book


This is the only real book in the world that factually and accurately talks about testosterone for men and women. You will find countless journal citations so you will know that everything you are reading is heavily documented by published international research. It is only in the last few years that we have finally learned very much about testosterone - especially for women. Until recently nearly all research was done with toxic oral and injected salts instead of real, natural testosterone used sublingually and transdermally. The worldwide medical profession walks in darkness here.  Most people depend on doctors for their ailments, but doctors just cannot help you when it comes to hormones - and that includes naturopaths, gynecologists, life extension specialists and even endocrinologists.


Testosterone is not a Magic Hormone to be used by itself to cure what ails you. All our hormones work together in concert, and all of them must be balanced together in endocrine harmony. This means you need to test and balance your basic fourteen hormones as much as possible to get the best results. The last chapter “Your Other Hormones” is the most important one to read.


Hormones are only one part of a total natural lifestyle. Diet is everything and hormonal balance is secondary.  You should eat a whole grain based, low fat, high fiber diet. Supplements are important, and anyone over the age of 40 should be taking at least a dozen natural supplements. Regular exercise is a pillar of staying healthy all your life. Avoiding (at least limiting) bad habits is a big part of this. Fasting is the most powerful healing method known. Lastly, meditation and prayer keep your spiritual house in order.


Men should read my “The Natural Prostate Cure” and women should read my “No More Horse Estrogen!”. Everyone should read my “Zen Macrobiotics for Americans” to learn more about diet, supplements, and hormones in general. The best doctor you can have is yourself.




Our hormones are most basic to our health and well being, yet almost no one knows anything about their own hormone levels. Medical doctors know almost nothing about our hormones, and that includes endocrinologists who are supposed to specialize in such. Doctors rarely test for hormone levels and even then only for one or two. Doctors generally don’t know how to properly test hormone levels, which hormones to test for, or what the ranges should be, much less how to administer them or in what forms.


You can direct your doctor as to precisely which free, unbound hormones you want tested and see your own results. You can also test most hormones yourself with saliva and not use a doctor. Testosterone is one of the most important human hormones for both men and women, yet proper testosterone supplementation is almost unknown to the medical profession, especially for women. Low testosterone levels cause countless problems for both sexes including decreased libido, sexual dysfunction, less sexual satisfaction, infertility, irritability, depression, poor concentration, decreased sense of well being, prostate disease and testicular decline in men, diabetes and other blood sugar problems, gynecological conditions in women, impaired cognition, less stamina, obesity, high body mass index, decreased muscle mass, gynecomastia and smaller penis size in men, impaired vasomotor function, osteoporosis, coronary heart problems, diseases of all kinds, and conditions we still haven’t researched. All in all we’re talking about not merely longer lifespan, but a better all around quality of life by maintaining youthful levels.


It is only in the last few years that scientists have started to use natural sublingual and transdermal testosterone rather than unnatural toxic oral and injected salts. The pharmaceutical corporations are still trying to push injectable ester salts, overpriced patches, and implanted pellets instead of inexpensive creams, gels, and sublingual solutions. In fact, the currently available gels are very weak and vastly overpriced. One dollar’s worth of testosterone will often retail for one hundred dollars in a cream or gel. Sublingual solutions are unheard of. This is nothing short of criminal to  severely overcharge for natural hormones.


Men can suffer from deficient testosterone at any age, but usually only after the age of 40 or so. Men cannot naturally overproduce testosterone or suffer from hypergonadism. Real life testing shows that literally 90% of men over age 50 can and should use supplemental testosterone to maintain youthful levels.


Women can suffer from deficient or excessive testosterone at any age even in their teenage years. Most women don’t even know they have testosterone in the bodies much less know their level! Doctors generally have no idea women need to maintain youthful levels of this, and consider testosterone “the male hormone”. We need much more research on women here.


There are many hundreds of studies in my files and this book could be a lot, lot longer. Half of this book would be devoted to and should be devoted to women, but the research just isn’t there. At least 95% of all testosterone research is done on men only. In the future we’ll have far more research on the androgens testosterone, DHEA and androstenedione for women. Meanwhile the women reading this book should just generally realize the benefits discussed basically apply to them as well.



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