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Testosterone is Your Friend

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Chapter 17: Your Other Hormones



People need to balance their basic fourteen hormones as much as possible in order to prevent and cure illness, enjoy full health and have long life. If there is one basic thing to repeat over and over, it is that all our hormones work together in concert and they all must be at youthful levels as much as possible. Do not just be concerned with testosterone or any other hormone by itself without including all the others that work together with it.


The basic other thirteen hormones include DHEA, pregnenolone, melatonin, androstenedione, progesterone, estriol, estrone, cortisol, estradiol, T3, T4, insulin, and growth hormone. (Cholesterol is technically also a hormone and is covered in my book Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs.)   Growth hormone still must be pereformed by a doctor using a blood draw. Soon we will have a saliva test for this as well.


DHEA is very important, basic and powerful. The benefits of having a youthful DHEA level are far too numerous to mention. There are hundreds of impressive published clinical studies in men and women of all ages. Unfortunately, many of these studies did not measure the patients to see if they were deficient. People were often given excessive 50 mg or higher doses - even the women. Such irresponsible science is simply inexcusable. Women have lower levels of DHEA and need to take less as a supplement. Never, never take DHEA without first testing your blood (either free DHEA or DHEA-S) or saliva levels to see if you are deficient.  Our levels usually start to fall about the age of 40 and keep falling until we die. Some people, especially women, can however have high-normal or even hyper DHEA levels as they age. Thus, you cannot just assume you are deficient because you are forty or older. Men can take 25 mg daily if they are low and check their level after six months to see if this is the correct dose. Women can take 12.5 mg (half tablets) and check their level the same way. Do not accept a normal level for your age, but rather keep the youthful level you had about the age of 30.


Pregnenolone is the basic source of all the other sex hormones, but is the “forgotten” or “orphan” hormone because we know so little about it.  This is the basic brain, memory, learning and cognition hormone, yet there has been almost no research done on it. What knowledge we do have is overwhelmingly positive and shows great promise for supplementation in people who need it. Doctors do not know nor care about pregnenolone - this includes endocrinologists and neurologists amazingly enough. Our levels generally fall at about the age of 35 or 40 for both men and women and then stabilize and remain low. Men over the age of forty can take 50 mg a day and check their levels after, say, six months and women over forty can take 25 mg a day and do the same check. Taking 100 mg of PS (phosphatidyl serine) and  500 mg of acetyl-L-carnitine along with your pregnenolone is an effective way of avoiding senility, memory loss, impaired cognition, and Alzheimer’s.


Melatonin is truly a miraculous hormone that regulates our biological aging clock. The media will tell you this is merely good for jet lag! The truth is that melatonin is being studied for cancer prevention and treatment among many other benefits. Our levels fall from the time we leave our teenage years and keep falling until we die. A good dose is 3 mg if you are over forty and you can test your levels (at 3:00 AM with saliva) after, say, six months to see if this is the correct dose. Some people have naturally high levels and cannot take melatonin until they reach their fifties or sixties, so be sure to test your level. Some life extension advocates advise taking large doses of 5 and 10 mg, which is very irresponsible. As always, we are looking for youthful levels and not high, out-of-range results.


Androstenedione (and androstenediol) is the direct precurs-or to testosterone in both men and women. Your androstenedione level generally and basically tracks your testosterone level. It is not necessary to measure your androstenedione level unless you are a female with a suspected hyperandrogen condition.  Men cannot normally have excessive androstenedione levels, just as they cannot naturally have excessive testosterone levels. Women can suffer from “androgenicity” which means they have excessive DHEA, testosterone and androstenedione levels. Such a condition causes serious problems. There seems to be no reason to try and raise low levels of androstenedione per se since they will generally go up by themselves if testosterone supplements are used.


Estriol is the “forgotten”, good, or beneficial estrogen. There is very, very little published information on estriol amazingly enough. This is the most abundant estrogen in both men and women, comprising 80 to 90% of human estrogen, yet we know very, very little about it (and almost nothing regarding men - fortunately very few men have been found to have low estriol levels).  What we do know is most impressive regarding benefits for women. Doctors, gynecologists and endocrinologists generally do not know nor care about this most abundant and basic estrogen. No U.S. pharmaceutical corporation makes an estriol product and no chain or independent pharmacies carry estriol in any form. The very few doctors who do know about it are so ignorant they generally recommend toxic, unnatural oral estriol ester salts. The only way to use estriol is to go to a compounding pharmacist with a prescription for 100 grams of a  0.3% (three parts per thousand)  transdermal cream or gel. This will apply 1.5 mg on the skin and 1.0 mg should be absorbed if a half gram a day is used. Sublingual estriol vegetable oil solution (1 mg per drop) would be another natural and effective means of delivery, and a compounding pharmacist could easily make this up for you. A DMSO solution could also be made (1 mg per drop), but is not legally available. There is not one single published study in the scientific literature that has measured women of different ages for their estriol level and made a chart showing normal levels! This is beyond understanding for the most basic of all human estrogens. Asian and vegetarian women have higher levels on the average.  Your doctor will not know anything about estriol, but can send in a blood sample to a major lab and get your free (not bound) estriol (you must emphasize this) level checked. It is much easier to saliva test your level. Soon the Mexican online pharmacies are going to wake up and sell a good transdermal estriol cream or gel inexpensively and legally without a prescription. Meanwhile you have to find a sympathetic doctor who will even write a prescription for the compounding pharmacist.


Estrone is a powerful and potentially dangerous estrogen. Men over 50 literally have higher estrone  (and estradiol) levels than their post- menopausal wives! This is frightening! Estrone deficiency in men seems almost non-existent. Western women are generally excessive in both estrone (and estradiol) and rarely deficient. However, women with hysterectomies (one third of American women) may have a problem since their ovaries have atrophied and died even if they were not removed. You can test your free (you must emphasize this), not bound, estrone level with a blood draw or use a saliva test. If deficient and out of range women can use a naturally synthesized, bioidentical estrone tablet or cream, but never equine (horse) estrogen. You can use the patches, but they are unnecessary and very expensive. Use a compounding pharmacist for this since he will know more than the regular pharmacist


Estradiol is the most powerful and most dangerous estrogen and the least abundant percentage-wise. Estradiol de-ficiency in men seems almost non-existent. Women are rarely deficient in estradiol; western women are generally excessive as just mention-ed. However, after a hysterectomy there may be a deficiency of estradiol. You can measure your free (you must emphasize this), not bound, estradiol level with a blood draw or use a saliva test. If out of range women can use a naturally synthesized, bioidentical  tablet or cream just as with estrone. You can use the patches, but they are very expensive. Use a compounding pharmacist for this just as you would with estrone. Never use equine estrogens.


Men and women both need youthful levels of pro-gesterone. This is not a “feminizing” hormone for men. On the contrary, it opposes and balances the estrogens in both sexes. Just find a good, reliable brand of transdermal progesterone cream that contains 800 to 1,000 mg per two ounce jar (400 to 500 mg per ounce). For women this is covered in my book No More Horse Estrogen!. Women can use this according to their menopausal status. Men can simply use one eighth (1/8th) teaspoon five days a week directly on their scrotum. This is covered in my book The Natural Prostate Cure.


Thyroid problems are epidemic in America and usually the problem is lack of hormones (hypothyroidism) rather than excessive (hyperthyroidism) ones. T4 (L-thyroxine or Synthroid®) is usually low rather than T3 (triiodothyronine or Cytomel®). Contrary to the usual wisdom, both Synthroid and Cytomel are synthesized, but bio-identical hormones, chemically identical to the ones in your body. Often naïve and uneducated naturopathic doctors will recommend Armour Thyroid, which is derived from bovine (cow) or porcine (pig) thyroid glands. The problem here is that this contains the usual 4 to 1 mixture of L-thyroxine and triiodothyronine. Therefore, the only people who can use this are the rare ones who are low in both. You obviously cannot use Armour Thyroid unless you are low in both T3 and T4. Saliva kits are available in 2004, but only ( one company seems to offer this service. You can also see a doctor and get a blood draw for free T3 and free T4. Do not let the doctor waste your time and money testing your TSH, T3 uptake or other unnecessary tests. Just get your free T3 and free T4 measured. Do not accept low normal ranges even though your doctor may tell you this is “fine” as long as you are in range. You want a healthy youthful range. If you are low in T4 try 50 mcg of Synthroid. If you are low in T3 try 12.5 mcg of Cytomel. If this isn’t enough use more, but be careful. You can buy these legally and inexpensively from the Mexican online pharmacies without a prescription. You will probably get the most dramatic and obvious effects with thyroid hormones if you are deficient than any other hormones.


Cortisol is the stress hormone. While it is ideal to do a 24 hour cortisol test with a specimen done every six hours, you can simply do one test at 8:00 or 9:00 AM. If you are low be thankful as this is the stress hormone and low levels basically are good levels. If you are too low then only better diet, exercise, ceasing bad habits and a general change in lifestyle is going to help you. You would not want to take supplemental cortisol shots. If you are too high, again you must change your diet and lifestyle and deal with whatever stress is causing this. Balancing your other thirteen hormones will go a long way towards normalizing your cortisol levels. Again, regular exercise is vital here.


Growth hormone (somatatropin) falls as we age and almost disappears in the elderly. There are no saliva tests for GH, and you cannot use IGF-1 levels contrary to the popular wisdom. IGF-1 does not parallel GH, no matter what you read somewhere else. You can get a blood test at 8:00 or 9:00 A.M., but the levels of GH can vary during the day, so that these are not as reliable as are the other hormone tests. The only really accurate way to measure GH would be to take a blood draw every 6 hours for one day, and most people are just not able to do that. Soon we will have 24 hour GH saliva testing to give us accurate results. If you are over 50 you most probably are deficient and can use a supplement. No OTC growth hormone supplements work. Period. Write this down somewhere so you don’t forget it. All the junk you see sold in health food stores, in catalogs, and on the Internet have no value whatsoever regardless of how well the advertising is written. The homeopathic GH is the worst fraud. Only real prescription, injectable rhGH (recombinant human) works. The problem is not only the fact it has to be injected subcutaneously (under the skin and not in your veins), but that it will cost you a minimum of $1,500 a year (Chinese Jintropin®) to buy 10 mg (which is 30 IU) of rhGH every month. Saizen® and others will cost you about $3,600 a year minimum. These are available from the foreign online pharmacies legally by registered mail. (If you use growth hormone as a nasal spray you would need ten times as much.) All the expensive and exotic peptides like hexarelin have been extensively tested in humans, but have all failed for one reason or another. We are years away from success with such synthetic secretagogues, especially in a practical, convenient, easy to use nasal spray. They will still be expensive when they do become available. Unless you’re willing to pay at least $1,500 a year and inject this at least twice a week (4 IU each time) you cannot benefit from this. You could dissolve ten mg (30 IU) of freeze dried rhGH in 60 drops of DMSO (keep it refrigerated after doing so) and use two drops a day sublingually instead of injecting it. Such sublingual use of 1 IU a day needs clinical research however and is not legally available.


Americans have an epidemic of blood sugar problems especially insulin resistance, diabetes and hypoglycemia. “Insulin resistance” means the insulin we produce does not get accepted by the receptor cells, so we produce higher amounts in order to com-pensate. Testing your insulin per se or your blood sugar per se  may not tell you much. You should take a simple and inexpensive GTT (glucose tolerance test) where you drink a measured dose of glucose solution, and a blood draw is taken two hours later to see if your blood sugar has normalized. If you are insulin resistant or have any blood sugar dysmetabolism you have to change your diet and lifestyle. As long as your pancreas is intact this can be very easy to do with very good results. You must cut down on meat and fats, take dairy out of your life, not eat refined grains, and eat no fruit, sugars or sweeteners whatsoever including honey, molasses, etc. There are a variety of supplements that will help you including lipoic acid, CoQ10, beta glucan, and a complete mineral supple-ment. In 2005 my book The Natural Diabetes Cure will be published.


Again, all your basic hormones should be balanced as they all work together in concert. Just raising your testosterone when some of your other hormones are deficient is just not going to give you the effects you want or can get.   It may seem arduous to try and test all your basic hormones and balance them, but the more you do the more benefits you will get. Thirteen of the fourteen can be saliva tested very inexpensively and one doctor’s visit can take care of rhGH. Except for growth hormone, none of them are expensive. All are available legally under U.S. Code Section 21, Section 331 for personal use (up to fifty dosage units) imported by mail or coming back into the country.


Your Basic 14 Hormones


§         Testosterone

§         Androstenedione

§         Pregnenolone

§         DHEA

§         Melatonin

§         Progesterone

§         Estradiol

§         Estrone

§         Estriol

§         T3

§         T4

§         Growth Hormone

§         Insulin

§         Cortisol



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