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    Rejuvenate Your Liver! -Roger Mason

    The liver is our largest internal organ (the skin is technically the largest organ) in our bodies. The importance of a healthy liver cannot be overemphasized. Americans have very unhealthy livers, and epidemic rates of liver disease, including cancer, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and fatty liver (alcohol-ic and non-alcoholic) among other conditions. This is due to our hideous diet and lifestyle.

    The liver has two enemies: 1) fats, and that includes vegetable oils, and 2) alcohol and drugs. Americans eat a 42% fat calorie diet, and most all of these fats are saturated animal fats. Satur-ated fats harm our bodies the most. Americans drink humongous amounts of alcohol, as do all European countries. White folks love to drink! We also eat incredible amounts of food preserve-atives, colorings, additives and other chemicals. Older Americans take more prescription drugs than anyone else on the face of the earth. These drugs, especially the ubiquitous (they’re every-where) cholesterol lowering ones, absolutely turn your liver into pudding!

    The real road to healthy liver function is to eat a low fat, high fiber, low calorie, low protein diet based on whole grains, beans, green and yellow vegetables, seafood, fruits, soups, and salads. Stop eating or limit red meat, poultry, and eggs. Take dairy of any kind completely out of your diet including low-fat and no-fat dairy products. Keep your fat intake under 20% and from veg- etable, not animal, sources. Under 20% is the magic number.

    Don’t take Rx drugs unless you have an emergency situation such as an infection or severe pain. Only take them temporarily. Bioidentical prescription hormones such as testosterone, estriol,T3, and T4 are fine. If you drink alcohol do so occasionally in moderation. Limit any recreational drug use to once a week and, again, in moderation.

    Milk thistle is a proven liver rejuvenator, but is exogenous (not found in common food), so it can only be used for about six months and then it is useless. Take two caps a day for six months. The same is true for other liver tonics such as barberry, fringe tree, and golden seal root (these all contain berberine). You can also take two caps of 200:1 aloe vera for six months.

    There is an amazing natural supplement that will rejuvenate your liver in just six months- TMG aka trimethylglycine aka betaine. You simply take 3 grams (6 X 500 mg) of TMG a day for a-bout six months, and you will get very dramatic results. Yes, this is for healthy people, too. If you have any kind of liver condition, do this for an entire year. TMG is very safe, inexpensive, and is found naturally in our food (but only about a gram a day) and in our bodies. TMG also lowers homocysteine levels dramatically. Homocysteine is a major marker for heart and artery disease- the biggest killer of all worldwide. Later you can take 1 gram (2 X 500) permanently as maintenance to help keep homocysteine levels down.

    Where’s the published proof on real people? There is lots of it. The Journal of Nutrition pub-lished a study done in the Netherlands. Homocysteine fell dramatically and immediately. Liver function improved greatly (the Dutch drink even more than we do), and diastolic blood pressure fell as well. The same results were found at the University of Kuopio in Finland (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition) as well as Sheffield Children’s Hospital in England (British Journ-al of Clinical Pharmacology). At Heinrich-Heine University in Germany (British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology) both healthy people and those with severe hyper-homocysteine con-ditions benefited dramatically as proven by SGPT and SGOT testing.

    At the famous Mayo Clinic (Expert Opinion in Pharmacotherapy) people with non-alcoholic fatty liver were given TMG with impressive results. This is intimately related to the epidemic of diabetes and other blood sugar problems we now suffer from. Many people have fatty liver dis-ease and simply don’t know it. The same results were found at the famous Stanford University (Review of Gastrological Disorders). Later at the Mayo Clinic (Best Practices in Research in Clinical Gastroenterology) doctors successfully treated non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. Anyone with hepatitis should do this program for two years. Please read the article on hepatitis in our library One in Fifty Americans Has Hepatitis-C.

    Doctors at the University of Virginia (Current Treatments in Gastroenterology) gave TMG to people with non-alcoholic fatty livers. They suggested this as a superior treatment along with better food choices. Fatty liver leads to far more serious conditions including early death. The same results were found at Loyola University (Nutrition Reviews).

    Everyone should rejuvenate their liver by taking 3 grams of TMG daily for six months. Do this for twelve months if you suspect any kind of liver condition. Every five years you can do this again if you want. This is a proven way to lower homocysteine levels and improve coronary heart health as well. Always remember that diet is everything. A low-fat diet is the secret to good liver health more than anything else.

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