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    Prescription for Nutritional Disaster -Roger Mason

    The best selling book on drug free healing in the world for years has been Prescription for Nutri-tional Healing. This 776 page abomination was written by two fat gasbags named James and Phyllis Balch. Their promo claims they have sold 5 million copies of this awful book, and Balch is, “America’s Father of Natural Healing”. God help us! These two are anything but poster people for natural health! If they had some idea of what they were talking about that would be wonder-ful. James puts out a pitiful excuse for a newsletter called Prescription for Healthy Living. The Balch’s purport to be experts on natural health along with Weil, Mercola, Whittaker, Douglass, and the rest of the crowd., They are fat, have high cholesterol, look terrible, are obviously in poor health, and have medical problems they are certainly don’t want to reveal. Who wants to take health advice from unhealthy fat people? Funny, Phyllis wouldn’t put a picture of herself on the back of any of her books. She later died prematurely of cancer from following her own dumb ad-vice. There’s a real poster girl for natural health.

    First of all, they recommend eating dairy products. Dairy foods are the most allergenic on earth. All adults of all races are lactose intolerant as they do not secrete the enzyme lactase. Scientific fact. Facts don’t bother them a bit though, and they want you to eat cheese, cottage cheese, goat’s milk, raw milk, skim milk, buttermilk, and yogurt. Casein is a proven cancer promoter.

    It doesn’t end there. They also want you to eat chicken, turkey, eggs, and lamb. All of which are full of saturated fats and cholesterol. There’s a guaranteed road to an early grave.

    When it comes to proven supplements they are just as ignorant. They recommend whey protein when it is full of indigestible, allergenic lactose. Americans eat twice the protein they need any-way. Excess protein destroys your kideys and raises your uric acid levels. They also tout worth-less junk like maca root, saw palmetto, Pygeum africanum, bilberry, CMO (cetyl myristoleate), lycopene, PC-SPES, colloidal silver, chondrotin, oral SOD, bee pollen, octacosanol, policosanol, DMG (dimethylglycine), spirulina, royal jelly, shark cartilage, maitake mushrooms, kombucha mushrooms, and even emu oil! You think I made up the part about emu oil just to be mean, huh? You don’t need to make anything up with morons like this. Truth is always stranger than fiction.

    In their other best selling book Prescription for Herbal Healing they actually said beta-sitosterol was bad for prostate health and you should not take herbs containing beta-sitosterol if you have a prostate condition! They say, “…beta-sitosterol, which encourages growth of prostate cells.” They really said this! As readers of this column know, beta-sitosterol is THE most effective and proven supplement for good prostate health on the face of the earth. No supplement has more sci-entifically demonstrated benefits, and there are over 35 years of international published studies to back this up. Yet they claim it is bad for your prostate!

    In their advertising promos they hawk Magic Supplements like Gymnema sylvestre. “Miraculous herb lets you throw away insulin needles….throw out insulin needles for good…there’s a little known herb that actually reverses diabetes (emphasis theirs). Take this for 3 months and elimi-nate diabetes entirely! Amazing but true!” That’s a quote folks, that’s an actual quote. Just eat all the fat, sugar, and white flour you want, sit on your dead butt and watch TV while you gulp down Gymnema capsules and cure diabetes. Why wasn’t that on the front page of the New York Times? Why is diabetes still the leading epidemic in the world when we have a cure? Why do one in three American children grow up with diabetes when we have a cheap Magic Cure?

    Their ads also tell you green oats (Avena sativa) are Nature’s Viagra® and the, “ultimate sexual aphrodisiac.” They further says green oats are 80% effective in reversing sexual dysfunction! That should be on the six o’clock news. Guess the New York Times missed that one, too. Hun-dreds of millions of impotent men would love to know about this.

    We could go on all day about what ignorant gasbags these two hucksters are, but why waste any more time. Unfortunately 90% of the entire natural health industry is just like them.

    Postscript 2010: This article was written in 2002 and Phyllis Balch died of cancer in 2005 at only 74 years old (the average for white American women is now about 85) from following her own idiotic advice. People get what their hand calls for in life in the end. We all do. James will soon follow.

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