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 Don't Castrate Your Best Friend

Tubal ligation and vasectomy are infinitely better, cheaper, easier, and safer for your pet. No unwanted puppies or kittens, and their health is not harmed. Castration causes catastrophic harm to your pets.

Please go to WWW.NOCASTRATION.ORG to learn more.

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We have been in business for over 30 years, since 1993.

Young Again Products, INC

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Welcome to Young Again®

Welcome to the website of the Young Again Foundation (YAF). This charitable trust was formed in 2011 by Roger and Ivey Mason. It is 100% invested in silver of course. As silver goes to $400 an ounce we'll be able to give more and more money to causes we believe in.

We take no donations or salaries, and have no foundation property. We sold the rights to Beta Prostate® to New Vitality in NY. Beta Prostate® is the most popular prostate supplement in the world. It was the most successful radio "educationalmercial" in history and has been on the air for over 12 years now. It is now on TV. Roger and Ivey have "retired" so we can support libertarian causes, dog shelters, and whatever else touches our hearts. Roger still does endless research, writes and revises articles, sends out two newsletters, and updates his books. This is our free library with 10 books, 300 articles, a health newsletter, and economic rant all for free.

For the first time in the history of mankind we can use many proven, safe, inexpensive natural supplements and natural hormones. Combining the whole grain based macrobiotic diet with supplements, hormone balance, and regular fasting we have a longevity and health program that far eclipses anything else ever known.

Welcome to the Young Again® free library. You'll find ten (10) books and one hundred fifty (150) articles to read- all for free. This is the most comprehensive, researched and documented information on natural health anywhere. Please sign up for both the weekly health newsletter and the twice monthly Economic Rant. Get a good laugh while keeping up with cutting edge research and economic updates. You need a good sense of humor to appreciate the satire here.

Young Again® is the only company in the world to expose useless supplements such as lycopene, resveratrol, policosanol, saw palmetto, chondroitin, GH secretagogues, homeopathic remedies, spirulina, 5-HTP, maca, chrysin, MSM, arginine, modified citrus pectin, and others. No one else is going expose these as they are too busy making money on them.

You can cure yourself of health problems by taking responsibility for your condition and changing your diet and lifestyle. Diet, proven supplements, natural hormone balance, weekly fasting, regular exercise, no prescription drugs, and limiting or ending any bad habits- this is what natural health is all about.

Young Again® is a not for profit company. We made our money years ago on radio and TV and live simply. We compete with the mega-corporations (who do over $100 million a year) on prices for our supplements.

No one does more research on natural health. Our research files are the largest and most complete in the world. Every six months they are updated by going over tens of thousands of entries in Chemical Abstracts (the researchers bible). Please read the books and scan the articles and find out the facts about how to get well and stay well naturally. Young Again is a trademark of Young Again Products, Inc., Wilmington, N. C. Copyright (c) 2005, 2006 Young Again Products, Inc., Wilmington, N.C. All Rights Reserved