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Face Creams -Roger Mason

Many men and women are looking for a good wrinkle cream to keep their face as youthful as possible for as long as they can. The prescription drug Retin-A® does superficially lessen wrinkles, but dries your skin out badly. This is merely a temporary surface effect, and the wrinkles return as soon as you stop using it. The skin damage can never be undone. There are no other effective prescription-only face creams.

There are many wrinkle creams out there, but almost none of them are any good. The few that have any value at all are usually so exhorbitantly priced as to be ridiculous. The more you pay, the less you get. Mysterious "serums" and ground pearls!

READ THE LABEL to see, 1) what is actually in the cream, and 2) how much of each ingredient. You will rarely see any clinically proven ingredients, and even more rarely see how much of each ingredient is in the cream. This is because they contain insignificant and ineffective amounts.

We sell the strongest and least expensive face and therapeutic creams in the world. We offer Miraculous Cream® with 8 ingredients, Beta Glucan Cream 1%, CoQ10 Cream 1%, DHEA Cream 1%, SOD Cream 50,000 PIU, Retinol-A Cream 600,000 IU, Skin Cure® (1% zinc pyrithione), and even Pregnenolone Cream 1%.

Dr. Perricone (author of The Wrinkle Cure) sells a half ounce face cream Cold Plasma Sub-D® for $98!!!! Two ounces would cost $392!!! This costs him all of $3 to make, and it merely contains lipoic acid and caffeine!  Folks, lipoic acid is very cheap, and you need 4% in a lipoic acid cream. Why does he hide behind, “proprietary formula”? We don’t sell lipoic acid cream because it’s irritating and ineffective. It doesn't work folks. Now he sells Blue Plasm®a for $95 with salmon eggs and copper. Seriously, salmon eggs and copper. How about a vitamin C cream for $95. That cost about $2 to make. How can there be so many stupid people in this world to buy this crap? He also sells unrefrigerated 270 fish oil capsules for $99. Sam's Club has 300 capsules for $20. They don't refrigerated theirs either.

Rejuvenex® is a best selling $52 “miracle” that costs Pearson & Shaw all of about $2 to make. They refuse to state how much of each of the 28 ingredients is in their cream. This means there is almost none in there. If it is not on the label, it's not in the jar. Legally they can use just one drop of each ingredient. Nevertheless, they claim this is, “The world’s most comprehensive skin formula.” Horse crap! And most of the ingredients do not show clinical value no matter how much you would put in a cream. Urea is a waste product used in fertilizer and making plastics. RNA has never shown any topical benefits. DMAE (dimethylamino-ethanol) was shown to be useless decades ago. Avobenzone has no value. NaPCA won’t help your wrinkles. Ceraphyl® is not an anti-wrinkle ingredient, but rather a trademarked commercial product name. Life Extension sells this junk.

A good 0.3% estriol gel is great for scars abd under eye wrinkles in women, but not for men The estriol could well raise estrogen levels in men. There is good science here. In 2016 we offer a fine one ounce estriol gel for $19.95 specially formulated for this.

Notice those white CoQ10 creams in the drug store that don’t state how much CoQ10 is in there? Well, they’re white because they contain almost no CoQ10. If there was it would be a beautiful peach color- like ours. Young Again CoQ10 cream has 1% and this is clearly stated on the label.

Miraculous Cream® is the best, most effective face cream in the world with eight proven ingredients. This includes 20,000 IU SOD, 30,000 mcg melatonin, 600,000 IU retinol-A, 1,000 IU vitamin E, 50,000 IU vitamin D3, 0.5% CoQ10, 0.5% DHEA, and 0.5% beta glucan. All this for $19.95. We often have 2 for 1 sales. The amount of each ingredient is clearly stated on the label. Every one of these eight is natural, safe, and clinically proven in published studies to help keep your skin youthful and healthy.

The EIGHT ingredients in Miraculous Cream:

  • Retinyl Palmitate (Retinol-A) - the natural, safe, form of Retin-A® 600,000 IU
  • Vitamin E- proven for decades to help heal and keep skin youthful 1,000 IU
  • Vitamin D3-proven for decades to help heal and keep skin youthful 50,000 IU
  • Co Enzyme Q10- a basic antioxidant enzyme (costing $800 a kg) 0.5%
  • Beta Glucan- the most powerful immune enhancer known to science 0.5%
  • DHEA- the powerful and proven anti-aging hormone 0.5%
  • Superoxide Dismutase- our basic antioxidant enzyme ($2,000 a kg) 20,000 PIU
  • Melatonin- this anti-aging hormone has topical effects as well 30,000 mcg

No other face cream in the world comes anywhere near the power of this formulation. Only $19.95 for a two ounce jar. Search every cosmetic store, every catalog, and every Internet site in the world and you won’t find any face cream nearly as effective as Miraculous Cream®.









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