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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late January 2013 Economic Rant -Roger Mason

"The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth." … H.L. Mencken

Wait until you see what the next four years bring. The total destruction of America, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We'll be another Third World banana republic- without the bananas.

This chart covers 47 years of real weekly earnings. Notice the very high standard of living we had in 1970. Now, it's all going to hell and will keep going to hell. Almost cut in half in 40 years and it will just get worse from here. Welcome to the New Socialist States of America.

It's very possible no one was killed at Sandy Hook, that there were not 26 dead people. Do you want just ONE piece of undeniable proof that the Sandy Hook massacre was a staged event? Go to this youtube video and watch the supposed father of a dead girl joke and smile and laugh before going on camera with his fake tears. This is not a dead girls father- it is a professional actor hired by the government to play one. Cut and paste this:

Or Google "Sandy Hook Shooting Exposed As a Fraud". Also Google "Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax Exposed: Medical Examiner". They admit the AR-15 was found locked in the trunk of the car, so the children were shot with two 9 mm pistols. Or were any children shot at all? Where are the bodies? Is the "medical examiner" really the actor Rob Reiner and not "Wayne Carver II".

WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN'S BODIES? NO ONE HAS SEEN THEM. Real parents of dead children? Why was not one person wounded and survived? No one was taken to the hospital? The emergency med techs were not allowed in! Where were any wounded children? Why couldn't the parents see the bodies of their own children. Where are the funerals? The caskets? Did any children really die here, or was it all made up? The "parents" we've seen are all paid Homeland Security actors, not parents of dead children. Watch the above video to prove that to yourself. That is a paid actor laughing and joking before his performance.

The Second Amendment was passed to protect you from a tyrannical government, not for sport, home defense, or deer hunting.

There are seven billion people on earth. Only one of them has been telling you Hillary is dying of cancer. For over three years your poor old author has been the only one telling you Hillary is dying of cancer, and that is the reason she is leaving politics. Some of you scoffed at this information. It's been confirmed- she has brain cancer and is going blind. Her current brain cancer symptoms started over 10 years ago. She may also have a female cancer such as breast, ovarian, or uterine. She has myriad health problems. is under extreme stress, eats horrible junk food, and suffered from endometriosis back in 1980 when she was pregnant with Chelsea. Endometriosis is impossible to treat by traditional medicine, and puts you at much enhanced risk for female cancer, especially ovarian. She has blinding headaches, vision problems. chest pain, memory lapses and plain old blackouts. In 2005 she fainted while giving a speech in Buffalo, NY. Too bad the bitch didn't die 20 years ago before she did all this damage. I TOLD YOU SO THREE YEARS AGO!The readers who really trust me knew this would come to pass. Thank you.

Remember the Columbine High School slaughter in 1999? Well, both of those boys were doped up by their parents. Dylan Klebold was taking the drug Fluvoxamine, an SSRI antidepressant. Dylan was a dysfunctional Jewish (Yassenoff) boy whose parents doped him up. Eric Harris was taking the widely prescribed antidepressant Luvox. Nearly every one of these mass killers are violently psychotic from psychiatric drugs. Why blame guns, when all these people are made psychotic by their doctors? Americans own far more guns per capita than any other country. So, you would think the gun homicide rate per capita would be the highest in the world by far. Right? Wrong!


The cities like Chicago, New York, and Washington, DC have basically outlawed all guns for anyone. Yet, they have the highest rates of violent crime, gun crime, and gun homicides. All the honest, law abiding citizens are disarmed, while the criminals have all the guns. The criminals will always have guns. A survey of 29,000 prisoners found 80% of them obtained their guns illegally.

The above 10 states (1/5th of all the states) now have more unemployed people than people who work. This doesn't merely define the end of America, which used to be the greatest nation on earth. This defines End Times. It's over folks after 236 years. Remember, as goes California, so goes the nation. This has been true for 150 years, and is more true than ever. The Peoples Republic of California is a radical Marxist bankrupt disaster. The only 49 states will soon follow. Watch California and America will follow. They banned assault rifles and large magazines years ago. We'll follow.

Spain has quietly and secretly stolen 90% of the Social Insecurity Fund and bought Government Bonds (since no one else will buy them). People who expect to live on Social Insecurity will now starve in the street. The American government will steal all the 401k and IRAs and give you worthless Treasury Annuities. People who expect to live on their life savings will starve in the street. Our Social Insecurity system was bankrupt decades ago, so there is nothing left to steal. That's right, it's broke, bankrupt, gone. Sell your IRA/401k, take the penalty and buy silver bullion you hold personally.

Let's look at some facts:

Social Insecurity was bankrupt decades ago, after it was robbed by the politicians.

Social Insecurity was greatly increased in scope, especially disability eligibility.

Inflation is destroying the value of the checks. They buy almost nothing now.

The inflation factor will get infinitely worse as QE Infinity kicks in.

The required age will be raised and people will die before they collect.

If you are depending on your Social Insecurity check you will starve in the street with the rest of the sheeple. The Government is broke!

Social Insecurity was always a Marxist ponzi scheme designed to take your hard earned money away and give it to the government. Instead of 42 workers supporting one retiree, you have less that 3. The fund is broke and has been broke from decades. They have been robbing Peter to pay Paul, but now Peter is broke. The government stole all your money at no interest. If you had invested the same amount as they stole, you would retire rich.

It was never meant to "benefit" anyone but the government.

This photo below is not from some Neo Nazi website. It is directly from the popular Jewish Daily Forward. They are BRAGGING about Jews being the main force for a total gun ban. Who are the prominent and powerful Jews trying to destroy the Second Amendment? Mike Bloomberg, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Frank Lautenberg, Rahm Emmanuel, Barbara Boxer, Blumenthal, Levin, Joe Lieberman, Nadler, Cass Sunstein, Howard Metzenbaum, George Soros, Alan Dershowitz, John Rosenthal, Abe Foxman, Max Nachena, David Sirota, Medea Benjamin, David Saperstein, and Michael Lerner are just a handful of them. They are openly BRAGGING about taking away our gun rights. They are proud of what they're doing.

WASHINGTON — A Jewish community strongly supportive of gun control plus Jewish lawmakers eager to enact new gun control laws brings Jews into a lead role as the nation debates federal measures to rein in mass murders at its malls and schools. -Jewish Daily Forward

These are the nine banks that control the price of silver on the COMEX. Thanks to Bix Weir for this information. They have kept the price of silver down for almost 20 years now. All manipulations end and end badly. This will end very soon and silver will take off for breathtaking levels. Silver will go to $400 for starters and then keep going. It will outperform gold 4 to 1. Remember, silver and gold are the only real money and have been for over 5,000 years now. Got silver?


Bank of America

Credit Suisse

JP Morgan

Deutsche Bank


Societe Generale




Here is a list of the top ten most dangerous prescription drugs that cause violent behavior:

Chantix for smoking

Prozac antidepressant

Paxil antidepressant

Ritalin and other amphetamines

Lariam malaria

Strattera ADHD

Halcion insomnia

Luvox antidepressant

Effexor antidepressant

Pristiq antidepressant

Half of them are antidepressants. These drugs have all been clinically linked to dramatically increased violent behavior including homicide. Why are they allowed to be sold? None of them have any benefits. All of them are too toxic for people to use. We don't have a gun problem- we have a prescription DRUG problem. America is the most drugged up nation on earth...drugged up on PRESCRIPTION drugs.

Suddenly... Bobby realized he was standing in line for a job, and not food stamps.

Please don't write in with letters. Bobby could be white, brown, yellow, or green. This was just too funny to pass up.

Illinois will require registration of all gold and silver sales with SB 3144. This is just the beginning folks. Can't have real money without the gummint registering it. Why bother though? Not 1% of Americans have any gold or silver, and almost none of them have serious amounts. 10% of your net worth is the same as nothing, for example.

There is no more Wendy's Dollar Value Menu. Soon, McDonalds will have to do the same thing. We have been telling you for years hyperinflation will cause Wendy's and McDonalds to offer the Five Dollar Value Menu. It is already coming true. Dollar Stores will be Five Dollar Stores. All you can eat buffets like Golden Corral, and Western Sizzler will not exist. They do not exist in Canada, all of Europe, Australia or NZ.

Look what happened after World War II. Everything was just fine for almost 200 years, and then it all went to hell. Inflation is theft and the only cause is the government printing unbacked green toilet paper.

Ft. Knox has been empty for over 50 years. There is no gold in Ft. Knox. Federal law requires a formal accounting every 10 years. None has been done in 50 years. Google "Ft. Knox is empty" is you don't believe this. The dollar is toilet paper.

Find an empty billboard in your town and pay to put this up. Right from Thomas Jefferson. Not deer hunting, not home protection, and not sport shooting. Protection from the current government who wants to take your guns away. Once they do we'll be poor helpless slaves like in Cuba or North Korea.

This chart takes up almost a whole page to show you the reality. The 2011 American Budget Deficit was$1,083 billion. The raise in taxes was only 62 billion. That means $1 was taken if for every $17 in spending. In 2012 it was even worse. In 2013 it will be even worse than that. Imagine if you made $20 an hour, which is $40,000 a year, and paid 40% income tax. That would leave you with only $24,000. Now imagine you somehow spent over $400,000 every year. You make $24,000 but spend $400,000. In only ten years you would be almost $4 million in debt! Bringing home $24,000, 4 million in debt, and still spending the $400,000 a year. That is exactly what "our" government is doing. But, they have been on this wild spending spree for over 40 years now, since about 1970. This will end in the Much Greater Depression, and YOU will pay the bill. Each American already owes a half million dollars towards the national debt. A family of four owes $2 million. All bills get paid all the time, either by the buyer or the seller. There is no such thing as an unpaid bill. The real National Debt is about $160 trillion, not the government figure of $16 trillion. The entire U.S. GNP is only $14 trillion- and falling.

Folks, this is a map of all the criminals who own guns. Now the police can go right to their house and arrest them. This is the solution to violent crime.



Robin Cook died mysteriously on a hiking trip after saying this. We have published this before. THERE IS NO AL QAEDA. Cook is a former British Intelligence Secretary.

Bill Gross is the president of PIMCO, and the biggest bond dealer in the world. He just verified there is no gold in Ft. Knox. If you didn't believe your poor old author, maybe you'll believe Bill Gross. PIMCO is a $50 billion bond and mutual fund. There is no gold in Ft. Knox. It was all taken out decades ago. Buy silver with your toilet paper before the sheeple finally figure it all out when they pay $25 for a $5 jar of mayonnaise that was $2 just a few years ago.

Bill Gross: Fed Claims To Own Billions in Fort Knox Gold; “With Nothing In The Vault To Back It Up—Amazing!”

Do not get the flu vaccine. Do not listen to the fake stories about the, "shortage of vaccine" due to the, "overwhelming demand". Do not get any vaccine. Do not let your children get any vaccines. Notice all the endless propaganda to get a flu vaccine. Now you can get flu shots in any drugstore, and now your grocery store! It's all part of the Big Plan folks. The Elite aren't getting any vaccines. The One Worlders aren't getting any vaccines. Dr. Oz and his family aren't getting any vaccines. Bill Gates and his family aren't getting any vaccines. Vaccines are for sheeple.

The commercial banks are still massively short silver as you can see from the lower purple lines in the above chart. They were still about 45,000 contracts net short. They dropped this to 41,000 last week. That is still a HUGE number. That is a quarter billion ounces times $30, or over $7 billion world of silver manipulated by the Big Banks. This is how they keep the price down with heavily leveraged futures contracts.

The United Way Sandy Hook Relief Fund was created three days before the supposed massacre. Watch this 5 minute video for absolute time stamped proof of this. Spend a mere five minutes to prove to yourself this was staged. Maybe no children died at all. No bodies, no caskets, no funerals, no autopsy reports, every parent sequestered with a state police officer and unable to speak publicly. Fake parents crying on camera who are just professional actors and actresses. Watch this video. The fund was created on December 11, three days before the supposed murder. They must hire psychics as consultants.


“In the UK, there are 2,034 violent crimes per 100,000 people...the U.S. has a violent crime rate of 466 crimes per 100,000 residents." Guns are banned in the U.K. of course, and America has more guns per capita than any other country.

Watch this clip to see all of the facts:

The movie Zero Dark Thirty is more propaganda for the brain dead sheeple. The movie reviewers are falling all over themselves telling the great unwashed masses what a “wonderful film” this is. Folks, Osama Bin Laden died over a decade ago at Tora Bora of kidney disease. Anyone with an IQ over 10 knows this. Seal Team Six can’t kill dead people. All of Seal Team Six was conveniently executed last year to shut them up. Yes, “our”government murdered our own soldiers to stop them from telling the truth. 98% of the American public is so stupid, so brain dead, so clueless, they will believe anything the media tells them. Arabs with box cutters caused 9/11. We need to nuke Iran. All Muslins and Arabs should be slaughtered. The Patriot Act is for our own protection and security. All firearms should be banned, and the Second Amendment repealed. 26 people were murdered at Sandy Hook. Al Quadea and the Talbian are going to murder us while we sleep. The government is your friend. Obamacare is free, and everyone is entitled to free healthcare for life. It’s all free! Psychiatricdrugs are good and cure psychosis. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are outdated and don’t work anymore, We should get rid of both of them. Homeland Security and the TSA are our friends, and are here to protect us and insure our safely. Capitalism and free markets don’t work nearly as well as government programs. Social Insecurity will guarantee a safe retirement for all of us. Unemployment is a safety net in case you can’t find a job. Safety and security are far more important than freedom and responsibility. In fact, responsibility is a dirty word. The government should take care of me from cradle to grave, just like in Europe. The Scandinavian countries are the epitome of life, and we should emulate them. Israel is Holy and can do no wrong. They should murder babies, children , women, pregnant women, the elderly, and unarmed non-combatant men. Anyone who criticizes Israel, or blames the Jews for anything, should be summarily executed. The TV always tells me the truth. The radio always tells me the truth. The newspaper always tells me the truth. The magazines always tell me the truth. The media is from God’s lips to my ears.

It's a fact that hammers killed one and a half times more people in American than rifles did. Do you hear about any legislation to ban hammers? Or register them? Hammers kill more people than rifles, and assault weapons are rarely used in any homicides. Gang killings are the reason our homicide rate is so high.

This is the man who was arrested for the Colorado theater shootings.

This is the man who is sitting in jail. They are obviously different people.


How can both of these men be James Holmes, the theatre shooter? Folks, this fraud is so obvious Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see it. These are two different men obviously, but we’re told they are both James Holmes. His "attorney" is a Homeland Security actress who is now playing the mother of a dead child in Sandy Hook.

What really kills people? Tobacco, doctors, injuries, car accidents, booze, poisons, drug abuse, falls and non-firearm killings. Those are the things that kill people, not guns.

You can see by this chart the gold and silver stocks have done terribly for the last decade compared to the metals themselves. This has never before happened in history. This is why you must own real silver bullion in your own hot little hands. Be 100% invested in silver bullion you hold. The best buy is "junk" pre-1965 American coins.

2013 is going to be the worst year for America in 238 years. All democratic governments self destruct after about 200 years. After 1970 you could see this was the end of America. There is nowhere to go. We now live on one big Prison Planet. This is End Times folks, but the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse aren't going to ride thru the sky, and Jesus isn't coming back. It's all over. Don't kid yourself. Everything George Orwell said in 1984, and Aldous Huxley said in Brave New Worldare coming true.

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