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December Economic Rant -Roger Mason  

“Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty teeth.” George Washington


One quarter of Americans do not understand the Constitution guarantees your right to own firearms. 36% of Democrats and 8% of Republicans feel we have no constitutional right to

Arm and protect ourselves. One fourth of our citizens don’t even understand their own rights.

Here is the truth about why we are in Afghanistan. This has nothing to do with “terrorism” obviously. It has to do with opium production!

Here are the soldiers collecting the opium to be shipped to the United States. Don’t kid yourself that it will be burned. Afghanistan and the Golden Triangle are the two largest suppliers of opium in the world.


First American CoreLogic reports that 25% of all American home owners are now under water on their home mortgages. One in four families now own more than their homes are worth. The smartest thing they can do is hand the keys to the bank and walk away. This will soon be HALF of all mortgages. That’s right, in the next few years half of all mortgage owners will be hopelessly under water and owe more than their home is worth. This alone will destroy the American economy with no help from Cap and Trade or National health Care.


You have to understand the idea of non-petroleum fuels is ridiculous. Wind and solar are being promoted as “answers” to the energy shortage that does not exist and the global warming scam that doesn’t exist. There is no energy shortage. We don’t need one drop of foreign oil. That’s right, we have enough of our own right here in America. Global warming is a total scam and has just been exposed by computer hackers. Wind power has failed miserably in Europe after a decade. It doesn’t work.  The immensely expensive BATTERIES are never discussed. Solar is completely useless as there is no wattage in sunlight. Sold panels are hideously expensive and, again, the expensive BATTERIES are never discussed. We have 100 years of known oil reserves, 100 years of known Gas reserves, 1,000 years of known coal reserves. We can make $2 a gallon gasoline from coal with the SASOL process like they use in South Africa (which has no oil), but the government won’t allow it. The One Worlders want to close down all the coal fired generators we get our electricity from. We get 80% of our electrical power from coal, so that would shut down the entire country. Which brings up the ridiculous electric cars like the Chevy Volt.  If just 1 in 10 car owners bought an electric car the United States electrical grid would shut down today.

The U.S. is a ONE PARTY system- republicrats. Whether you vote Democrat or Republican you are just voting for the same party. Vote Libertarian.


 The dollar is hopeless. Do not hold any dollar denominated assets. It has fallen from 89 to 75 in just seven months. It is going to keep falling to at least 50 cents. Put all your money into silver junk coins, or silver bars. Do not keep cash in the bank or unsafe deposit boxes. Expect a “bank holiday” anytime- which could be tomorrow or next year. Hyperinflation is your future.


Instead of looking at the stock market in failing U.S. dollars, try looking at the S&P 500 in terms of REAL MONEY- gold and silver. Here is the S&P 500 in terms of gold for ten years. Notice that is has fallen from 550 to a mere 100 in terms of gold- real money. That means if you owned regular stocks for the last ten years instead of gold you would have lost 80% of your money!!!! An 80% loss of your entire life savings because you didn’t know the only real money is gold and silver. Silver is four times better than gold and will go from the current 64 to 1 ratio to the tradition-al, historical 15 to1 ratio. Silver is four times better than gold folks.

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is telling people the truth about vaccines. They reported a huge study that proved vaccines make children’s health WORSE. This study looked at the health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. It was published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in April 2005. The doctors looked at the health outcomes of children who are fully vaccinated, who are partially vaccinated, and who are not vaccinated at all. All the investigators asked the parents to do was to report atopic illness. Atopic illness means allergies, asthma, eczema, and hay fever. The investigators were blinded, meaning they didn’t know which category the participants belonged to. When they assessed the data, they found that the largest number of reports by parents of children with atopic illness were in the kids who were fully vaccinated. The second highest reports were in the families who are partially vaccinated. And the lowest number of reports was in the children who were unvaccinated. Vaccines are poisons and make your health worse. The U.S. government has already admitted swine flu has peaked and poses no real danger, much less a “worldwide epidemic.” We’ve told you swine flu was a scam like all the other disease scams before it.

Obama promised to end the wars in the Mideast knowing full well he was going to continue Bush’s legacy as a WAR PRESIDENT. Bush bragged about it, while Obama lies about it. He just sent more troops to Afghanistan to “finish the job” and will keep sending more innocent Americans over there to be killed and wounded. What “job”? It just gets worse from here.


Warren Buffet is a loser!

Here is real world proof of just how much of a loser he really is. Stocks have to go up 10% a year just to break even with official inflation. Real inflation is much higher. You could flip a coin and do much better than this. His stock picks are worse than pitiful. Now compare his performance to silver and gold. He hates both silver and gold, and refuses to invest in either. He belongs in a nursing home. A true 40% loss in only 14 months!!!


Look at this chart of Berkshire Hathaway. Senile in Omaha Buffett has lost 30% in 14 months with his pitiful stock picks. Adjusted for admitted 10% inflation this is more than a 40% loss.

A high of 145 and a current 102. Real inflation is much higher, of course, as readers of the Economic Rant well know. The Associated Press just reported Senile as saying, “The bottom has come in stocks. Don’t pass on something that’s attractive today.” Senile is a government whore who is telling innocent people to buy stocks. Buffett is a proven loser. Just look at the chart above and realize blind monkeys throwing darts could do much better. The stock market is a house of cards that will fall to at least 5,000. It can do anything in the short term, but in the long term there is nothing holding up the stock market but hot air and stupidity. Invest in silver and silver stocks. Invest in real money. Sell your IRA or 401k and take the penalty. Put 100% of your money into silver and silver stocks. Leans towards bullion.


Here is what Senile said about gold: “Gold gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head.” This is how stupid he really is. This is a quote. Anyone who bought gold ten years ago now has 40% annual profits without compounding. This is impossible to do, but anyone owning gold or silver has done it. If you buy silver now at $18 it will go to $200 or higher in 5 years or less and you’ll have an incredible 200% a year annual profit. That’s right, a 200% yearly profit.

Six good silver stocks are ECU (ECU), EXK (Endeavor), IPT (Impact), GPR (Great Panther), USA (U.S. Silver), and FR (First Majestic). All are Canadian but Endeavor. There are only about 50 real silver stocks in the world and about 40 of them are not worth investing in for various reasons. You can choose 50/50 bullion/stocks or just 100% bullion. No “paper silver”.

Did you read where California is going to dictate that flat screen TVs use less power? The government claims flat screen TVs use, “10% of the monthly power bill”. Want to know the truth? The average 46 inch flat screen TV costs you $2 a month to operate. TWO DOLLARS A MONTH. Do you know anyone with a $20 monthly electric bill? This is just another way government intrudes into your life and ruin everything on the pretext of “helping you”. God help anyone the government is trying to help! The cap and trade bill will regulate your entire house and you will constantly have to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade it to meet new ecological and efficiency standards unelected bureaucrats make up. National Health Care will completely devastate this country by itself. Look at the total U.S. debt below. It will be paid by hyperinflation and destroying every family in America. All debts always get paid some way.




The United States has a negative account balance the likes of which the world has never seen. This is graphic proof the Much Greater Depression has already started and will be the worst depression the world has ever seen. Just look at the chart above. This is total insanity.



The crotch salute! Here is Savior Obama holding his genitals to show his contempt for the American flag and all it stands for. He never salutes the flag. He has always refused to salute the flag. The President of the United States and Commander in Chief hates America. This is the

Marxist the American voters freely chose. They deserve what they get.


Let’s pray .... that the human race never escapes earth to spread its iniquity elsewhere"  --C.S. Lewis



This chart shows the ratio of the DJI to gold for the last ten years. Notice how gold (and silver) have VASTLY outperformed the Dow Jones average.  This went from 46:1 to 1:1. You will see this at 1:1 with $5,000 gold and a 5,000 DJI (and $200 to $400 silver). Buy silver!


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