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Ellagic Acid is a Powerful Anit-Cancer Supplement -Roger Mason

For centuries black walnut hulls have been used as a standard herbal remedy. They contain a  compound called "ellagic acid". No one took much interest in ellagic acid itself until about 10 years ago. Now people the world over have discovered the powerful anti-cancer potential, and other benefits of this natural substance. Finally it is being studied in clinics and hospitals. Ellagic acid is also found in a few other plants other than black (and English) walnut hulls. Be clear that this is a temporary exogenous supplement, that is not found in common food or in your body. Only take this for about six months and then it has no value.

There are good published medical references on the various effects and potential of ellagic acid. Don’t buy the  raspberry extracts however. Black walnut hulls are a much better source. The Indian plant Terminalia chebula is an evern better source. Be sure and take 100 mg a day of actual ellagic acid and not “extracts”. Read the label carefully.

Where can you buy a strong ellagic acid supplement at a fair price? Look on the Internet and you'll basically find very weak and very expensive ones from raspberry seeds. Raspberry seeds vary greatly in ellagic acid content, and generally contain a mere 1 mg per four ounces of dried seeds. (Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry v. 5, 2002, p. 3495-500.) For a bottle of 60 X 100 mg capsules (6,000 mg) you would need to extract about 1,600 pounds of seeds! That is over a ton of seeds to make one bottle? Fortunately there are better sources.

The Indian Terminalia chebula plant is an abundant and inexpensive source. This is a common Indian herb known for many centuries. Now you can buy 60 X 100 mg capsules for less than $10 from us. No one else on earth has a product nearly this strong at any price. One common Internet brand, for example, uses 1% raspberry seed extract  in 500 mg capsules. Each capsule only has 5 mg and a bottle is $65. This is typical of what you will find. You would have to take 20 of these capsules to get 100 mg. Ours is TWENTY times stronger.

Many of these companies merely state how much extract is in each capsule, but refuse to say what per cent actual ellagic acid it contains. This is completely meaningless. You can usually count on a mere 1% actual ellagic acid in any raspberry seed product. Always read the labels carefully. Avoid any product that mentions the word "extract".  

Very impressive studies were done at major clinics and universities around the world. The results were published in such journals as Carcinogenesis, Cancer Letters, Japanese Journal of Cancer Research, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, Nutrition and Cancer, International Journal of Oncology and many others. So far, most the work has been done on lab animals rather than humans, but these results will certainly apply equally to people when human clinical trials are run. Please understand that it isn't easy to just take a group of people with various types of cancer and give them a supplement to see if they get better. Traditionally animal studies are done for years before humans are used. Black walnut hulls have been used successfully for centuries for many ailments. The real world human evidence is already in regarding the effectiveness and safety. Remember this is "exogenous" and does not exist in our daily food. Therefore it will only have value for about six months. Do not take exogenous supplements for longer than  six months as they will simply have no value after that. This includes such supplements as aloe vera, curcumin, green tea, golden seal, ginseng, and milk thistle.

This is a well researched effective, safe and inexpensive exogenous supplement to use temporarily

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