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Diagnostic Tests You Need  -Roger Mason

Never depend on a medical doctor to tell you the diagnostic tests you need. Tell him which tests you want. You can do most all of our testing without a doctor. You can do saliva testing for hormones. You can do home blood spot testing for T3, T4, blood sugar and HbA1c. You can use online labs like without a doctor for any other tests. The standard blood test panel is mostly useless, but looks good.

Cholesterol- the ideal here is about 150. You don’t need to bother with HDL and LDL. This is THE most important indicator of heart and artery health.

Triglycerides- the ideal here is under 100. This is the second most important indicator of heart and artery health.

HbA1c- can  be done with a drug store blood spot test. The magic number here is 4.6, not the medically accepted level. 4.6 equates to a blood sugar level of 85.

Blood sugar- use a cheap home meter. Look for a level of 85 or less.

Testosterone- for both men and women. Free, not bound or total.

DHEA- for both men and women

T3- must be midrange

T4- must be midrange

TSH- is just not necessary. It is what it is. Only diet and lifestyle will raise or lower it.

Estradiol- both men and women need to do this

Estrone- both men and women need to do this.

Estriol- this is for women only.

Progesterone- this is for women only, but really not necessary.

Pregnenolone- anyone over 50 can do this, but it is optional. You must find a lab that will do a blood test, as saliva tests don’t exist.

Melatonin- must be tested at about 3:00 AM. If you can find a saliva melatonin test you can do this. Otherwise don’t bother. Anyone over 50 should need melatonin.

Insulin- a very overlooked test. You want result of about 4 to 5. Americans run about 8-9 on the average. Do this in the morning fasting at a lab without a doctor.

Uric acid- you want to be at the bottom of the range.

CRP- you want to be at the bottom of the range.

Homocysteine- you want to be at the bottom of the range here, too.

SGPT- liver disease is epidemic and this is one of the two liver tests.

SGOT- this is the second liver test.

Kidneys can be tested with the usual standard blood tests for urea and creatinine, as well as chlorine, potassium and sodium levels.

Glucose tolerance- only necessary if you have high blood sugar and/or high HbA1c. Look for a level at least 10 points below the medically accepted one.

If you suspect a CHD condition, see a cardiologist and get an EKG, stress test, echocardiograph or other tests. CHD is the largest killer by far.

Colonoscopy- everyone over 50 should get a colonoscopy. Read the Colon Health article.



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