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Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw Have No Character  -Roger Mason

"The greater the outward show, the greater the inward poverty."  -J. Krishnamurti

Phil and Robin McGraw are worth $280 million, or more than a QUARTER BILLION DOLLARS. Phil pulls in $77 million a year. According to the Forbes 100 he is the 15th richest entertainer in the entire world!!! They live in a $30 million dollar, 15,000 square foot luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills. That is only one of the luxurious mansions they own. That is their right and their business. (We live in a $280,000 lovely brick home in the Wilmington, NC suburbs.) He has a collection of rare collectable cars. Again, that is his right and his business. Phil also pushes the toxic diabetes poison Bydureon® by AstraZeneca for a huge, but undisclosed, sum. He has suffered from type 2 diabetes for 25 years. This awful drug has the FDA "black box" cancer warning (the very worst):

"Bydureon is not recommended as first-line therapy for patients who have inadequate glycemic control on diet and exercise because of the uncertain relevance of the rat thyroid C-cell tumor findings to humans. Prescribe Bydureon only to patients for whom the potential benefits are considered to outweigh the potential risk." Besides thyroid cancer, serious side effects include: kidney failure, stomach illness, and serious allergic reactions.

Why is he promoting a dangerous, toxic poison that just makes diabetics worse? Why doesn't Phil sponsor research in to natural cures for diabetes? Type 2 diabetes can easily be CURED with diet and lifestyle. Just read my book The Natural Diabetes Cure. Type 1 can be dramatically improved and insulin requirements greatly lowered with diet and lifestyle.

Phil loves to send people to ultra-expensive, totally unaffordable clinics and rehab facilities like Turnabout Ranch and Creative Cures. The overall reviews from people who have been there are not good generally. Neither are their success rates. They, of course, provide "free" services for the huge TV advertising and exposure they get.

Robin got very jealous of Phil’s success. She came out with her Revelation junk line of fourteen overpriced, worthless cosmetics. She lies about having multiple major plastic surgery procedures, and claims her tightly drawn face is due to her cosmetics. She is always very heavily and professionally made up. The cosmetics are worthless junk at extortionate prices. Her “Harvard trained” dermatologist developed them. For example, her one ounce Vita Boost sells for $62. Folks, the pretty little bottle costs more than the Magic Serum inside. The ingredients about a dollar, and two dollars for the nice bottle. Yes, it costs Robin about $3 for this useless $62 product. Seriously, tiny amounts of three common vitamins and ferulic acid for $62. Now Phil devotes parts of his show (sometimes half!) to hawking this crap. How cheesy.

They endlessly strive to make yet more and more money. Phil is 67 years old, and has already reached his life expectancy as a long term male diabetic. He will most probably be dead within 10 years. What is he going to do with over a quarter billion dollars?

Let's be clear, Phil is a first class psychologist with one of the most popular TV shows ever produced. He has to be an entertainer and a showman, in addition to being a highly trained psychologist. It is to his credit he makes psychology entertaining and enjoyable.

No one else on earth can do what he is doing. He gave up his license to practice in 2006, so he could devote his time to the show. His personal life is seriously flawed, but this does not detract from his professional expertise at all. His marriage to Robin is his second time around. He cheated on his first wife, and she doesn’t have much nice to say about him. His marriage to Robin has been on the rocks for a long time. Robin is a habitual liar and says they, "never fight". All married couples fight. Understandably, they don't want to reveal their personal marital problems. He secretly got a vasectomy, but didn’t even tell her! Lots of communication there, huh? It would only unfairly undermine his credibility and ability. It's just something that should be brought up.

Robin further disgraced herself by selling junk jewelry. She is selling a “Bow Ring” to stupid cows for $189. This contains about $1 worth of silver. For that price she could at least use 18K gold. Why sell junk overpriced jewelry when you’re worth over a quarter billion dollars, and pulling in another $77 million a year. Why not give it to your When Georgia Smiles charity? She has less than $100 thousand dollars in her charity. Those are donations, not her money. That’s right, less than $100 grand. She gives away OPM (other peoples money) to charity.

She wrote a drippy book Inside My Heart: Living Life with Passion and Purpose. Actually it was ghost written, since she isn’t nearly talented enough to write a book. They both claim to be Christians, but they almost never reference God, Jesus, the New Testament, or anything else Christian. She’s not smart enough to know life has no purpose!!! Life is a journey, not a destination. There is no “purpose” to life.

The point of this article is their total and complete lack of character, incomprehensible shallowness, and rabid materialism. Phil makes $77 million a year, and pockets over $50 million after taxes. They already have a quarter billion dollars to spend. He is not going to be around long, and she will probably be dead within 20 years at 63 now. He could put that $77 million into a 501c3 charitable trust every year, and pay no tax at all. That would give another $27 million a year to charity rather than the government. Think of all the wonderful things they could do with just the $77 million a year, and not even touch their quarter billion.

Now think of what they could do if they put $200 million of their savings in a trust, and then added the $77 million a year. They could open drug addiction centers. They could open alcoholism treatment centers. They could open orphanages, especially for children of color who will never be adopted. They could open low cost private schools which would give children a real education, instead of government brainwashing. They could open marriage counseling centers. They could open hospitals and clinics in poor areas. They could open a huge diabetes research center for natural cures and treatment. They could open hospitals for children.

There is no end to all the good they could do with massive amounts of money like this. Instead, they merely hoard it and keep it within the family. Your author and his wife have half their net worth in a 501c3 trust. We take no donations, get no salaries, and have no trust property. We use our own money. We take about $50,000 a year out of our Young Again Internet business to live on, and put the rest in our trust to give away.  This is called a "pure trust" when you give away your own money with no benefits. Why aren't Robin and Phil doing this? Because they have no character at all, that’s why.

Phil has the Dr. Phil Trust with less than $150,000. You read that right. One hundred and fifty thousand grand. Like Robin, this comes from donations. Not even his own money. Both charities together, this is only 1/10th of 1% of their worth, and it's from other people. That's like a dime out of every $100 bill. That is one part in one thousand. Their total trusts are worth less than $250,000 when they have $250 million, and pull in $77 million a year. PLUS what Robin is pulling in with her overpriced junk cosmetics. It seems they want to leave their fortune to their sons Jay and Jordan, rather than help the world. Money can't buy happiness, and never will. They don’t seem to understand that. The greater the outward show, the greater the inward poverty. Both of them are morally and spiritually bankrupt. They simply have no character at all.

Nevertheless, Phil is a first class psychologist, showman, and entertainer. No one on earth can do what he is doing. This is how he pulls in an amazing 4.8 million viewers. Watching the show is very educational and enlightening. No one can do it like he does.



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