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Don't Get Flu Vaccine (2014) -Roger Mason

Don’t get a flu vaccine for any reason. Don’t get any vaccines. Has the media convinced you that influenza will kill tens of thousands of people every year? Have they told you your only protection is a flu vaccine? They claim 36,000 Americans would die every year  from flu epi-demics. That never happened. In fact, that's preposterous. In 31 years from 1976-2007 only 1,500 people a year died from influenza. Nearly all of them were elderly, sickly, and in very bad shape. In 2007 they made the same ridiculous claims. That never happened. It still hasn't happened.

Vaccinations are NOT the way to protect yourself. They cause more damage than they purport to prevent. Vaccinations are a hoax. Now you can get vaccines in your corner grocery store!!!

Go to websites like to get the facts.

Remember the hysteria about a supposed shortage of vaccine? This was really for the benefit of the huge pharmaceutical corporations like Baxter, Aventis, and Medimmune. Did you know Dr. Oz (read the article Dr. Oz is in the Ozone) owns huge amounts of vaccine maker stocks? He pushes vaccines on TV. His own children have not been vaccinated, nor has he. Have you seen by now  the media rarely tells you the truth- even when it comes to the weather? Yes, they lie about the weather now. They really lie about natural health, while promoting the pharmaceutical corporations and medical profession.

You think vaccines are “safe”? Think again. You think vaccines are effective? Think again. Another chemical shortcut, another easy way out, another way to cover up the symptoms, and forget the causes. You cannot vaccinate your way to health. That's ridiculous.

For you parents and grandparents out there- the current totalitarian police state we live in forces your children and grandchildren to get vaccines or you go to jail. Vaccines are required at birth, then in grade school, then more in high school. Children end up with dozens and dozens of shots before they are even 18. If that doesn’t define a police state, what does? Why should thegovern-ment make medical decisions for you and your family? Is that in the Constitution? Don’t get your children vaccinated out of misguided concern. Find a legal way to avoid this. Do not allow your children to get vaccinations. Legally they cannot be forced to. Just claim religious exemption.

If you are interested in freedom please go to and read The Flu Scare Game by John Keller. Or Google "Flu Scare Game- Keller". He exposes how the Center for Dis-ease Control gets together with the politicians and pharmaceutical corporation to push vaccines for problems that simply don’t exist. The CDC’s Data Highlights pages for years 2002 and 2003 prove this conclusively. Remember that 36,000 figure? The other 35,000 people actually died of pneumonia, not flu. That’s pneumonia that killed them. There is no pneumonia vaccine, or the media would be shoving that down your throat as well.

Look at the facts here folks. Even if 36,000 Americans died from flu each year- and they don’t- that is only 1 in 9,000 of the approximately 300 million people who live here. Hardly an epi-demic. The truth is that less about 1,500 a year die. This  means only about 1 in 200,000. Please note that figure- it is only about 5 people per MILLION. Insignificant. Again, nearly all of them were very old and in very poor health. They didn't have long to go anyway. Now, are you going to get an unproven vaccine with potentially serious side effects when you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning, or eaten by a shark? One in two hundred thousand. About five people in one million. Only the old and sickly. Big epidemic!

The government, media, and pharmaceutical giants are trying to push these dangerous, toxic vaccines on the American public  at huge cost, and unknown risks. There is just no real evidence at all for vaccine effectiveness. Actually the statistics show they are not effective.
You think flu vaccine is proven to be effective? Not so. The National Influenza Vaccination Summit for 2004 revealed that the children who got the vaccine had about the same very tiny insignificant death rates as the children who didn’t get the vaccine. The CDC itself admits vaccine may only be as little at 10% effective against the flu. That 10% figure is more than just  generous. The truth is that we just don’t have enough clinical information about flu vaccine yet.

Vaccines in general just aren’t the way to deal with disease. This is just covering up the symptom while ignoring the cause. If you eat well and live well you rarely get sick. Illness is caused by poor diet and lifestyle more than anything else. Low immunity is the problem, and vaccines don’t strengthen your immunity. Read the Good Health Begins With Good Digestion article to learn how to build strong immunity with good digestion. 90% of your immunity comes from your digestion. Read this article and raise your immunity naturally.

There is one exception here, and that is smallpox vaccine. Smallpox is not a health threat, but rather a political threat due to our foreign policies. No, you would not normally need a smallpox vaccine, but due to this country’s insane political policies you can expect a smallpox plague to hit us any time. Don’t kid yourself. Read the book Demon In the Freezer to learn that the Russians sold tons of weapons grade smallpox to various countries years ago. Countries that hate us for a very long list of good reasons.

Strangely enough you cannot get a smallpox vaccine for love or money, even though the gov-ernment is trying to shove useless flu vaccine down your throat. Years ago we offered $10,000 to anyone who could find a legitimate source of smallpox vaccine. No one could. You still can't. Anyone, over the age of 50, remembers very clearly that all school children routinely received a smallpox vaccine. There was no valid reason to vaccinate them. A half century later we can’t get any. The soldiers, police, emergency workers, and politicians have smallpox vaccine. What can’t the average citizen get any?

Smallpox is a real threat as we continue the wars against Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Iran, and Syria. This threat gets worse every month. It doesn’t matter whether Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum is president, as there is no difference between the two parties. America is now the World Bully, and we are going to pay for that crime. Biological warfare is the best defense for these countries.


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