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Beta Glucan is Powerful  -Roger Mason

For those of you who have not read my booklet What Is Beta Glucan?, you can read it for free at This is the only book on beta glucan in the world, and completely documented with published, international clinical studies. Very simply, this is THE most powerful immune enhancer known to science, either prescription or non-prescription. That includes the medical hoax interferon alpha. Nothing does more to boost your immune system than this extract of oats, barley, yeast, or mushrooms. You already eat beta glucan every day, only not enough to help you. It is only in the last few years that technology has allowed us to make powerful and in-expensive beta glucan supplements. You will see many beta glucan products out there, and most of them are weak and very overpriced with ridiculous claims about why theirs is the "best" or the "most effective".

Our rates of blood sugar disorders, insulin resistance, and diabetes are epidemic in this country. One in three American children will grow up diabetic. Read my book The Natural Diabetes Cure to learn how to cure this naturally. "Insulin resistance" is the most prominent of these conditions. Here we secrete high levels of insulin, because our cells are just not responding to it properly. The most important thing we can do is eat whole complex carbohydrate foods (whole grains and beans), vegetables, seafood, salads, and soups. Cut out fruit and fruit juice for one year. Eat whole natural foods high in fiber and low in fat. Stop eating sweeteners as we eat over 160 pounds of various sugars every year. Supplements are very powerful here, and beta glucan is vital to a good supplement program.


The international scientific published literature is full of impressive studies on the power of beta glucan internally and topically. In the last ten years these studies have increased greatly. One good study was recently published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (vol. 55, 2001) from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Real humans were given oral beta glucan supplements along with their regular meals. Very sophisticated tests were done to monitor their blood sugar, insulin, fatty acids, and other parameters. In only three days insulin levels fell an amazing 26% because the cells were responding more efficiently to the normal production of insulin! Glucose levels dropped a dramatic 12%. This means if you had a high glucose level of 100 that three days later it would drop down to a normal level of 88. Taking this is very important to avoid blood sugar and insulin disorders, or treating ones you already suffer from.

Beta glucan is inexpensive, and only costs a few dollars a month to take an effective dose of about 200 mg. If you have a condition or illness of any kind, then 400 mg for a year is recommended until you get it under control or cured. Do an Internet search and see how many weak, overpriced brands you will find with completely unscientific claims as to why theirs is the only beta glucan "that really works", etc.  All true beta glucans are the same, but yeast glucan is currently the least expensive; mushroom, the most expensive.

Blood sugar metabolism and insulin are just one area of benefit here. Beta glucan has actually been studied for its anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects in lab animals where tremendous potential has been shown. Beta glucan is part of the "cornerstone program" for high cholesterol where you take it along with beta-sitosterol (300 mg), soy isoflavones (40 mg), and flax oil (1-2 grams). Why poison yourself with toxic statin drugs when you can lower your cholesterol naturally, safely, effectively and inexpensively?

Aside from all these impressive effects, beta glucan also has dramatic effects when applied topically in a cream. We offer the only real 1% beta glucan cream very inexpensively.  The few other companies that offer it won't even tell you how much beta glucan is in their creams. We also offer  Miraculous Cream with 0.5% beta glucan and seven other active ingredients - 0.5% CoQ10, 0.5% DHEA, 50,000 mcg melatonin, 600,000 IU retinol-A, 20,000 PIU SOD, 50,000 IU vitamin D, and 1,000 IU vitamin E. You will not find anything like Miraculous Cream anywhere in the world at any price.


People of all ages should take beta glucan to keep their immunity strong.




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